Slicing through Totoro, Catbus, and Pikachu is strangely satisfying.

We’ve all heard the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” but now we’re learning we shouldn’t judge a slice of bread by its loaf, thanks to Japanese baker and Twitter user @izumickey0719.

The talented baker has been attracting attention online recently for making some scary-looking loaves, but while they look bulged and warping on the outside, on the inside, they’re actually beautiful works of art.

Take a look at the satisfying moment this terrifying Catbus is sliced open to reveal its much cuter self.

Totoro also starts off wonderfully weird and wonky before its true self is revealed.

No Face from Spirited Away also makes an appearance, in loaf and bun form.

Ghibli characters aren’t the only anime stars in this baker’s repertoire, as these Poké Balls reveal another beloved anime character.


▼ There’s also Mickey Mouse

Winnie the Pooh

▼ And Rilakkuma

If you like cookies and cookie dough, there’s plenty of that on @izumickey0719’s Twitter feed too, with Ghibli characters being some of the most adorable.

▼ There’s Ponyo

▼ A cute Kodama from Princess Mononoke

▼ And the Catbus!

The baker says they were inspired to try making creative character cookies and breads after seeing it being done on Instagram. Every loaf contains a great amount of attention to detail in order to ensure they have a remarkable likeness to the real character or image being recreated.

▼ How cute are these Mt Fuji sandwiches?

People online have been begging the baker to sell their cute wares to the public, but @izumickey0719 says baking is just an enjoyable hobby for now. 

Here’s hoping they decide to go professional soon, so we can see Ghibli breads being sold alongside Tokyo’s Totoro Cream Puffs and Rum Raisin Catbus cookies in the near future!

Featured image: Twitter/@izumickey0719
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