Official Kirby Cafe merchandise turns out to be startlingly, and adorably, good at recreating the Nintendo star’s in-game power.

It was inevitable that Nintendo’s Kirby would get his own cafes. Japan loves its character-themed restaurants (and with good reason, because they’re awesome), and Kirby’s whole deal is that he’s a character that powers up by eating/swallowing his adversaries.

But as with all themed cafes, the design, and merch, is as important as the food. The Kirby Cafe checks off all those boxes, with an adorable Kirby salad bowl, pictured above, that’s also available for take-home purchase. Japanese Twitter user @matsumurako picked one up on her visit to the cafe, and after getting home decided that it would make a cute addition to her pet rabbit’s habitat. So she put some pet food into the bowl, placed it in the bunny’s enclosure, and…

Kirby quickly swallowed the rabbit!

Okay, so what’s really going on here is that the bunny is so eager to get at the food that it’s stuck its entire head into the opening. Still, there’s no denying that to anyone familiar with the Nintendo franchise (or Kirby’s crossover appearances in Super Smash Bros.), it totally looks like Kirby is trying to suck up the rabbit like he’s a mid-level enemy.

It turns out @matsumurako isn’t the only one who’s had Kirby try to eat her pet rabbit either, as another Twitter user shared this photo in reply.

Thankfully, the fact that both pet owners cheerfully posted pictures of the incidents suggests that neither animal was actually trapped nor hurt, leaving the rest of the online community to chuckle along with comments like:

“He’s doing the exact same thing he does in the games.”
“Are the rabbits eating, or being eaten?”
“At first I thought Kirby was sucking down a piece of [super-stretchy] mochi.”
“So when he’s finished absorbing it, is Kirby gonna have bunny ears? (*^ω^*)”

For anyone looking to add this Kirby bowl to their interior, it’ll be offered at the brand-new Tokyo Kirby Cage, which opened December 12, for 3,600 yen (US$33).

Sources: Twitter/@matsumurako via Hachima Kiko, Kirby Cafe
Top image: Kirby Cafe
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