Three types of meat between two Burger King buns? Yes, please.

As long-time Burger King fans, the team at SoraNews24 is pretty on top of the latest BK campaigns. That’s why when Japanese writer Tasuku heard about a hefty new burger, he knew he had to go try it.

Actually, he’d first heard of the Deluxe Chicken Whopper around the beginning of March, but it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time (or now, for that matter). He was surprised, especially since it was described as the BK menu item with the most volume. It combines a beef patty, a fried chicken patty, bacon, cheese, and all of the other classic Burger King veggies and condiments.

Maybe it’s because it’s a little expensive,” Tasuku thought as he set out on his burger pilgrimage. It was his mission to find out why the Deluxe Chicken Whopper wasn’t getting the attention it likely deserved.

▼ So, he took home his prize.

It looked just as hefty as it sounded, even in its wrapped state.

It looked even more imposing sideways, with a giant “D” written on the wrapper (for “Deluxe”?).

When Tasuku unwrapped the BK masterpiece, it was pretty much what he expected: not as nice-looking as the picture, but still pretty imposing.

Food always looks better when it’s cut in half, so that’s what Tasuku did. Now you can see the thick layer of chicken nestled between a classic beef patty and luscious veg. The bacon bits are too small to see, but they’re there.

It tasted just as deluxe as it looked, and it was ultra-satisfying. Then again, how can you go wrong when you combine delicious meats with melty cheese?

That left Tasuku to ponder why the Deluxe Chicken Whopper wasn’t getting much attention. Was it because of its somewhat high but reasonable price of 940 yen (US$8.65)? That’s when he realized that Burger King was also doing one of its half-price Whopper Jr. sales.

▼ Just look at all of that high-calorie value.

Was it possible that people were going for value over quality? Tasuku certainly found himself thinking, “For the price of one Deluxe Chicken Whopper, I could have five Whopper Jrs…” Indeed, the person in front of him in line ordered three of the half-price burgers, and the person behind him ordered two as well.

Tasuku thinks the Deluxe Chicken Whopper is something to treat yourself with, and it seems like it will be around for the rest of the season. If you have Burger King Japan delivery in your area (since, you know, social distancing), consider giving it a try!

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