The collab that one-ups all collabs.

Last month, Nintendo released a one-minute promo announcing a new collaboration between Lego and the Super Mario franchise. Considering how your standard collab between video games and any other toy company features run-of-the-mill decals and character cameos, we can easily say both companies went above and beyond this time around. With a new promo video and pre-orders now open, old-time fans and younger ones alike can enjoy this novel twist on a classic franchise and toy.

▼ In Nintendo’s newest video, Lego designer Jonathan Bennink takes the stage to formally introduce the Lego Super Mario collab.

The Lego Super Mario Starter Set comes in 271 pieces and children (and adults!) are free to create with as well as customize their own Super Mario level to their liking. However, the LEGO blocks incorporate a range of advanced technological functions such as Bluetooth connectivity and digital displays. Some of the blocks even make audio or visual cues when in physical contact with LEGO Mario, including sound effects and soundtracks from the Super Mario Bros. game.

▼ The LEGO Mario figurine has a built-in LCD display for his eyes and chest, changing in relation to the trials you put Mario through such as forcing him to walk on lava.

The starter set also comes with an application available via Android and iOS. Through the app, not only does it contain a troubleshooting guide for the more complicated parts of the LEGO set, but you can also glean more ideas for your LEGO course and share your set-up with friends all over the world.

▼ LEGO Mario’s chest display also shows the number of coins you receive after completing certain tasks, such as hitting blocks or smiting his enemies. Players are also encouraged to challenge themselves to collect as many coins as possible.

For those who want to build upon their LEGO Mario Starter set, there’re even two expansion packs: the Piranha Flower Expansion Set and the Bowser Castle Expansion Set. The former features two Piranha Plants on a slider and consists of 217 extra pieces while the latter is Bowser’s Castle placed upon a lava course with a whooping 1,010 extra pieces. While Bowser’s castle isn’t as elaborate as this fan-made Lego homage to Hyrule Castle, the expansion sets will no doubt help in emulating the experience of a full Super Mario course in Lego form.

▼ Gotta go fast—wait, wrong franchise!

▼ Is it me or is Boo looking more chonky than usual?

While the prices and the release dates for the expansion sets have yet to be announced, the Lego Super Mario starter set can be pre-ordered here off Amazon for 7,035 yen (US$64.79) until its official release date, August 1st. If you or the kids find yourselves hungry after assembling the set, don’t forget to also snack (through your eyes) on these jaw-dropping Lego food creations!

Source: Amazon/レゴ(LEGO) via Hachima Kiko
Images: Youtube/Nintendo 公式チャンネル

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