Alternate-form Sailor Moon characters inspire brand-new anime intimate apparel.

The Sailor Moon franchise has given plenty of silky salutes to the titular heroine and her Sailor Senshi cohorts over the years, with each of the magical girls getting her own real-world themed lingerie set. Up until now, though, the same treatment hadn’t been given to Sailor Moon’s mentor cat Luna.

That’s changing, though, as pre-orders have just started for a Luna bra and pantie set. However, if you were imagining a thorough feline motif, think again, because the intimate apparel’s design was inspired by Luna’s human-form appearance in the The Lover of Princess Kaguya story line, which went on to become the basis of the Sailor Moon S theatrical anime.

▼ Luna’s transformation into human form

Taking its color scheme from human Luna’s pale yellow dress and deep-purple hair, the set features frills along the bottom edge of the bra and at the hips and back of the waist. The strap accents bring to mind human Luna’s hairstyle, and to remove any doubt of the anime connection, there’s also an embroidered cat-version Luna on the left cup.

The designers are billing the bra as a “sleep bra,” made with soft cup linings and designed to provide both support and comfort while the wearer ls lying down for the night or an afternoon cat nap.

Human Luna isn’t the only alternate-form Sailor Moon character with a new sleep bra lingerie set, however, as Black Lady is also joining that club.

▼ Black Lady

The evil and adult version of Chibiusa, Black Lady’s sultry sophistication is reflected in this set that uses the character’s crescent moon earrings as a recurring pink pattern.

However, both human Luna and Black Lady spend the majority of the anime screen time wearing elegant dresses, and if you’d like something closer to those, the new fashion line also has long camisoles for each character.

Fitted with supportive cups, these roomwear options can be worn without a bra. The Luna version comes with a ribbon-style choker, just like the one human Luna wears, while the Black Lady camisole takes the less-is-more approach with slits on each side.

Rounding off the collection are “room pants,” skirt-like shorts that continue the design cues from the lingerie and camisoles.

Once again, the Luna version goes a bit more for cuteness with extra frills, while the Black Lady shorts have side slits.

The lingerie sets are priced at 5,940 yen (US$56) each, the camisoles at 6,050 yen, and the shorts at 3,300 yen/ The entire lineup is available online through Premium Bandai (Luna items here, here, and here; Black Lady here, here, and here) with shipping scheduled for December.

Source: Press release
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