Put in your earphones and get ready for the warm fuzzies that only the Pokémon stars “pika” can provide.

No matter how much you may like your job or school, it’s safe to say very few people get to the end of the week and say “You know what? I’ve got so much energy that I absolutely don’t need a day off.” So if you’ve had a bit of a week, and are looking for a way to unwind now that Friday is finally here, this video is just the thing…and, as is so often the case, the source of our warm fuzzy feelings is none other than Pikachu.

Since January, the official Pokémon YouTube channel has been releasing a series of ASMR videos. Previously editions have starred Charmander, Grimer, and Squirtle, but the newest episode marks the appearance of the franchise mascot himself.

Pikachu by the Patio doesn’t try to be cunning in its title. It is indeed a leisurely one-angle view of the beloved Electric-type in a living room with a stylish wood-floor section, where he alternates between thinking up new ways to play and taking extremely comfy looking maps in the gentle sunlight coming through the window.

Sound is a critical component of ASMR videos, and Charmander’s and Squirtle’s featured crackling fire and ocean waves. This time around, though, there’s no natural environmental noise, and instead we’re treated to Pikachu’s irresistibly cute voice as he scampers all around the house, and occasionally climbs up onto our head, judging from how the audio changes.

Highlights of the video include Pikachu bringing us a ball so we can play catch together at the 2:25 mark, and at about 9:45 there’s even a visit from another Pocket Monster species, which has become sort of a tradition in the Pokémon ASRM series.

But of course, Pikachu doesn’t have to do anything other than just show up to earn our attention, and even when he’s not on screen, his squeaks and giggles make the video worth watching, especially if you’re using earphones, which enhance the directional changes and make it feel like he’s really right there in your room.

The video closes with Pikachu once again dozing off, not having accomplished anything of great significance in its 15 minutes. But hey, when you get to the end of five straight days of work or school, you’ve earned at least a quarter-hour in which to focus entirely on making yourself happy and relaxed, especially if you can do the same for other people at the same time.

Images: YouTube/ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル
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