The Pokémon meets Mary’s Yokubari box reminds us that greed is good (and delicious).

Chocolate is one of those special foodstuffs where no one really needs to ask the question “What kind is it?” in order to decide if they want some. If we have access to chocolate, we want it.

But even if our desire for chocolate stretches all the way across its section of the sweets category, there are still some types of chocolate that we want more than others, and there aren’t many ways to boost our desire higher than combining chocolate with Pokémon.

Japanese chocolatier Mary’s, based in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, is releasing a line of chocolates inspired by the lovable little creatures. For the new sweets, they’re going all the way back to the original starter Pokémon in pixel art form, with boxes of chocolates for Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, plus semi-starter and franchise mascot Pikachu. Each box contains three pieces, since they’re actually salutes to not just the starters themselves, but their whole evolution lines (minus, of course, Pikachu’s unrealized and fearsome final form, Gorochu).

Of course, anyone aiming to become a true Pokémon Master needs to capture a variety of Pocket Monsters, and so in addition to the single-group boxes, Mary’s is also offering a Yokubari (“Greedy”) Assortment Box with 12 pieces representing all four evolution groups.

The three-piece boxes are priced at 864 yen (US$7.50), but the real deal is the Yokubari box at 2,160 yen, a pretty significant savings per-piece if you’re buying your chocolate in large quantities (as any sane person should).

Technically, the Pokémon meets Mary’s Chocolate line is part of Mary’s Valentine’s Day offerings for 2022, but they’ll be available for purchase through the Mary’s online store on December 24, and in department stores in January, as the company seems to sagely understand that now that they’ve shown them to Pokémon fans, there’s no way they can ask them to wait patiently all the way to February until they can eat them.

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Source, images: Mary’s
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