A trip to the deadline cafe in Tokyo, where staff won’t let you leave until you’re done writing

A place where you can pay staff to look over your shoulder to help you stop procrastinating.

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This Tokyo cafe won’t let you inside unless you’re a writer or translator with a deadline looming

And they won’t let you go home until you meet your writing goal for the day.

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Celebrate your love for Japanese bento with new soy sauce fish bottle pens

Stationery that looks, and smells, good enough to eat!

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We try out writing inks inspired by Nagasaki ramen and dessert

They not only have beautiful deep colors, but one smells delicious, too!

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Writer’s retreat ryokan — Tokyo inn treats you like novelist on deadline, with strict “editors”

Learn what it feels like to be a novelist with an editor hounding you about your manuscript!

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Japanese teacher’s advice for opinion essay writing stays with one student to this day

Sometimes it just takes the right kind of push to get the words flowing across the paper.
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3 rules to make you a more productive writer, from Japanese novelist who wrote 25 books in 8 years

Oh, and he did it all while also being a practicing doctor.

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Beautiful cherry blossom-shaped Japanese pencils have a special surprise when sharpened

You might think they’re too gorgeous to use, but then you’ll miss half the fun.

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“My father was arrested”—Student’s award-winning essay tells the story of a crime in her family

“Enlightening” is not a word that should be tossed around lightly, but this essay by eighth-grader Ayumi Takada really is just that.

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These crustaceans are going to make you put fountain pen to paper

How often do you sit down, dip your pen in some ink and write a letter or put your thoughts down on paper? The art of handwriting might be lost in the West, but surprisingly, students in Japan will often practice cursive writing even though they aren’t taught it in class. And in Japan, there are still plenty of chances for people to write things out from resumes and New Years cards to love letters and condolences, so there is always an opportunity to show off your epic penmanship.

And if you feel your written notes are lacking a certain artistic flair, the stationery store KINGDOM NOTE has just the thing for you: Colors! It’s not just normal boring colors that they are offering either, but original inks in colors inspired by crustaceans.

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Meowrse code: when you want to send an SOS filled with cute cats

In the past, we’ve brought you news of cat alphabets, cat fonts and even cats that teach us Japanese. Now our cheeky feline friends are continuing to jam our communication systems and ensure they have all of our attention by popping up in Morse – sorry, Meowrse code.

Whether you want to liven up your LOLs or simply need to send an SOS to save yourself from all the furry cuteness, this neat generator will turn any message into a series of dots and dashes in cute kitty forms.

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Press as hard as you like, these new mechanical pencils just refuse to break

I have a tiny, slightly embarrassing confession to make. I positively loathe mechanical pencils. In fact, they scare me a little bit.

No, this isn’t some peculiar of act of Luddism on my part, nor was a member of my family ever murdered by a deranged graphic designer. Rather, it’s because every single time–every single time–I use a mechanical pencil, its lead breaks on me within seconds of being touched to the page. And that, dear reader, always gives me a tiny but not insignificant fright. I have enough terror in my life as it is – I don’t need my writing implements keeping me on edge too.

Thankfully, the Japanese arm of stationery company Zebra knows my pain, and has designed a mechanical pencil whose leads simply cannot be broken, no matter how hard you scribble.

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10 +1 Japanese-Style Fonts For Typing English That Will Confuse Your Friends

Can you read the sentence written above? You should be able to; it’s written in English.

When I first started learning Japanese, the Chinese characters and syllabic scripts that were scrawled across my textbooks looked like some kind of crazy code that only aliens could understand. After years of studying, many of the previously cryptic symbols have become familiar, readable letters. However, now even English can be turned into a jumble of alien ciphers thanks to these 10 +1 fonts inspired by Japanese characters.

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Beautiful Japanese-Made Fountain Pens Make me Want to Learn to Write All Over Again

As a man whose handwriting could be defined as infantile at best, I can’t help but admire those who can wield a fountain pen like a paintbrush. Thanks to the bizarre way in which I hold my pen (I’m right-handed but people often ask if I’m a lefty purely because my grip is so odd), writing with any pen whose ink is wetter than a cheap ballpoint’s results in my hand turning blue and an enormous horizontal smear of ink across the page as if the letters were warping through time.

After seeing this short video from Japanese pen makers Namiki, though, I’m genuinely tempted to sit down and practice writing my ABCs all over again if it means that I can correct my awkward grip and learn to write as beautifully as this…

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“Aaaaaaaaa!”  or “When Scribble Gets Out of Hand”

Remember how much fun it was practicing writing the alphabet when you were a kid? Every single letter; upper and lowercase; again and again; page after page after page. Good times, no?

Well, at least one Japanese NicoNico Douga user seems to think that there’s no better way to pass the time than filming herself writing a few Japanese characters on a sheet of paper. Sorry, did I say “a few” characters? How about just one character? 30,000 times… Read More