Sure, we’ve all seen Crayon Shin-chan’s jiggling butt, but now it’s time to consume it.

Crayon Shin-chan sometimes gets described as “anime’s Bart Simpson,” since they’re both bad-boy animated comedy kids whose debuts weren’t too far apart. There are a couple of key differences, though. Whereas Bart is often portrayed as a book-dumb yet precocious snarker, Shin-chan can usually be more succinctly described as an uninhibited brat. Then there are the obvious linguistic differences, like the fact that though it’s one of Bart’s catchphrases, Shin-chan has never said “Eat my shorts.”

Today, though, we’re going to eat his butt.

First, though, a little background on Shin-chan’s butt. It’s quite possibly the most famous, and frequently depicted, posterior in all of anime, which is a pretty impressive feat when you consider Japanese animation’s penchant for nudity. Shin-chan’s hindquarters, however, are strictly shown for comedic purposes, and appear on-screen so frequently that they’re also a key design element in lots of the character’s merchandise.

The pinnacle of Shin-chan butt merch is Japanese cooking toy maker Heart’s Shin-chan So Big! Jiggly Pudding! kit that lets you make a Shin-chan butt of your very own. Technically speaking, this is purin, the semi-firm flan-like custard pudding popular in Japan, and that’s important, because not only does Shin-chan’s butt need to be big and shiny, it also has to quiver, just like it does when he shakes it at his anime adversaries to taunt them.

“You can make a big butt!” Shin-chan promises on the package.

Opening up the box for the kit, you’ll find a a plastic mold and the powder packets you’ll use to make the butt and also some strawberry pudding bites in the form of Shin-chan’s face and a few other shapes.

▼ This pouch is labeled “Pudding base (for butt),” by which they mean you’re supposed to use this powder to make the butt pudding, not pour the contents into your own anus.

You mix the butt pudding and strawberry pudding separately. For the former, you combine the powder with 300 milliliters (10.1 ounces) of milk, pop the mixture in the microwave for three minutes, give it another mix, put it back in the microwave for another minute, mix it once more, and give it one more minute in the microwave. For the strawberry pudding powder, you use 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces) of milk, microwave the mixture for one minute, mix again, and give it 30 more seconds in the microwave.

▼ Yes, making the butt pudding is sort of a pain in the butt (though, we promise, ultimately worth it).

Once you’ve mixed each, warm them up separately in the microwave, then pour them into the mold.

Then all you have to do is stick the tray in the fridge, let it sit for four to five hours, and then retrieve your chilled anime butt.

And man, does it ever look like a butt! While most people who live in Japan have become somewhat desensitized to the sight of Shin-chan’s derriere in the nearly 30 years he’s been on television, the butt pudding is still startling to see. Even with other 3-D depictions, like in the toys in the above tweet, the butt is usually still attached to the rest of Shin-chan’s cartoonish body and face. But when it’s just the butt, it looks disturbingly realistic, especially when the purin is firm enough to hold its shape, but soft enough to jiggle from the slightest vibration.

▼ The strawberry pudding bites tuned out OK too, but really had a hard time competing for attention.

That said, our parents have always told us it’s wrong to waste food, and since we’re more obedient offspring than Shin-chan, we dug into his butt with gusto. For as weird as it looks, the butt pudding tastes like ordinary purin, which is to say, it’s delicious.

If you too would like to make/eat anime’s preeminent posterior, the Shin-chan So Big! Jiggly Pudding! can be found in Japanese toy and novelty shops for 540-yen (US$5). On the other hand, if you find front-side private parts to be funnier, you can always keep your fingers crossed for the return of that Japanese convenience store chicken that looks like a smoked cock.

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