Eevee, we chews you!!

On 12 November, Mister Donut released a new group of Pokémon doughnuts into the wild, featuring some of our favourite faces, and butts, from the franchise.

The popular doughnut chain has been teaming up with Pokémon as part of their annual Christmas festivities for a few years now, and while Pikachu, who made its rather frightening debut in 2018, will be returning for the fourth year running this year, the electric Pokémon will now be joined by another familiar face — Eevee.

▼ The new doughnuts can be purchased in sets which come with cute merchandise, and we purchased the Doughnut Set for 1,350 yen (US$11.85).

The set allows you to choose only choose one character doughnut, and since we’d eaten Pikachu before, we chose Eevee for this new adventure. And when we pulled our sweet companion out of its box, we couldn’t help smiling back at the friendly Pocket Monster.

We didn’t hold its gaze too long, though, as we both knew what was coming. We had to eat this adorable little pocket monster, and that involved slicing through its pretty little face with a knife so we could see the layers that lay beneath it.

▼ Eevee was coated in a delicious caramel-flavoured chocolate, and filled with a soft and delectable whipped cream.

We have to admit, we felt a little heartbroken and guilty after eating Eevee’s face, which might be why Mister Donut has decided to add Pokémon butts to their collection this year. Called “Furimuki Doughnuts” (“Looking Back Doughnuts“), these come with a smiling character on the cute packaging, which has a clear section that makes it look as if the doughnut is its butt.

▼ Mmmm…Pokémon butts.

The Eevee Furimuki Donut is covered in the same caramel coating as the character face doughnut, but this one comes with a sprinkling of coconut to resemble the character’s fur, and a chocolate cream centre to resemble…hopefully nothing.

Eevee’s butt was absolutely delicious, and it’s one of five bottoms available, with other character tushes belonging to Pikachu, Pachirisu, Glaceon, and…Piplup!

Because only one Pokémon butt is included in the Doughnut Set, and because we wanted to bite into a blue bottom, we purchased a Piplup doughnut on its own, and when we stripped it of its packaging, it looked sparkly and beautiful.

The sparkly icing contains cider-flavoured sugar (cider in Japan is non-alcoholic and tastes like lemonade), while the centre is finished with chocolate and whipped cream. It was crunchy and sweet, and another fantastic addition to the range, which also includes some special Pon De Ring doughnuts, which have been renamed “Pon De Wreath” for this festive collection.

▼ We chose the Chocolate Pon De Wreath and the Pudding Pon De Wreath for our set.

The reason we purchased the Doughnut Set, as opposed to buying all the doughnuts separately, is because it’s the only way to get the limited-edition collaborative merchandise on offer. This year, there’s a blanket, mug, and plate to collect, and we chose the blanket, which shows a collection of cute Pokémon celebrating Christmas.

The Pokémon on the merchandise, and the cardboard box and paper bag the sets come in, are the same ones due to appear in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the upcoming game scheduled to be released on 19 November.

The new doughnut collaboration is a great promo for the new game, and everything is priced reasonably so if you really wanted to, you could catch ’em all. The character face doughnuts retail for 270 yen (US$3.17) each, while the Furimuki Doughnuts retail for 194 yen each and the Pon de Wreaths are priced at 162 yen each.

The Doughnut Set (pictured above) costs 1,350 yen for takeout or 1,365 yen for eat-in, and comes with one character face doughnut, a Furimuki Doughnut, two of the Pon de Wreaths, and one of the merch items, while the Drink Set (1,450 yen for takeout or 1,465 yen for eat-in) contains one pocket monster doughnut, plus one tapioca drink and one of the Pokémon merch items.

▼ The items included in the Drink Set.

The Mister Donut Pokémon collection will be on sale until the end of December or until stocks last, so now’s the time to get out and find these characters in the wild before they disappear forever.

If you miss out on catching ’em all this time, don’t despair — there’s still a good chance we’ll be getting a Mister Donut Pokémon lucky bag in late December!

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