Inventors of the original sweatshirt put an original spin on some beloved anime characters.

Back in 2017, Ghibli merchandise manufacturer Benelic created a new brand called GBL. The brand, which takes its name from three of the consonants in “Ghibli”, specialises in “American Casual” goods, and has so far collaborated with overseas labels like American outdoor goods company L.L. Bean to produce limited-edition Ghibli collections with a distinct Western flair.

Now, the brand has teamed up with another overseas giant for a brand new range of clothing, and this time it’s Russell Athletic, the inventors of the original sweatshirt, who’ll be lending their expertise to the collection.

There are two new designs to choose from, both featuring two of the iconic characters from Ghibli’s 1988 movie My Neighbour Totoro. The design for the first sweater is “Call Out The Catbus“, in a vintage orange hue, which shows Totoro with its chest puffed out, as if it’s about to let out a mighty roar for the Catbus.

The giant “T” across Totoro’s belly and chest makes it look as if it’s wearing its own Russell Athletic football jersey.

▼ And on the arm, we have the number “88”, as a nod to the year the movie was released.

The second design is called “Find Mei!” in reference to the climactic moment in the film when the Catbus is called upon to help find missing sister Mei.

The Catbus bounds across hills and mountains while looking for Mei, causing trees to swish about as if they’ve been caught in a gale. Like a respectable school bus, though, the Catbus proves to be a safe drive, and it’s given its very own “C” in this design to keep the football jersey theme strong as well.

▼ Fans will love all the cute details, including the inner tags, which feature the logos for both Russell Athletic and GBL.

GBL says these lightweight cotton sweaters are perfect for the fall/winter season, and can be dressed up with accessories for a stylish relaxed look…

▼ …or worn with jeans for more casual, everyday wear.

Both designs retail for 13,200 yen (US$119.30) and will be available at the GBL Miyashita Park store and online from the end of September.

Source, images: PR Times
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