It’s not the only dessert to be drowning in cream right now at the popular chain. 

Convenience stores in Japan are filled with all sorts of exciting, tantalising delights that aren’t just great for your taste buds and your wallet, but your eyes as well.

Case in point is this week’s newest offering from Lawson, which has caused a buzz online because, well…it looks like this.

As if the gorgeous look of this sweet dessert wasn’t enough to get us all salivating, just wait ’til you hear what it’s called: “Obore Cream no Pancake”, which translates to “Pancake Drowning in Cream“.

It’s an apt name for the sweet, which looks like a lump of cream from the outside. Bite into it, though, and you’ll find a light, airy, fluffy pancake inside, which adds a moreish, chewy texture to the entire sweet.

▼ The decadent dessert uses top-quality cream from Hokkaido.

There’s slightly more cream than pancake here, but you don’t have to feel too guilty about your drowned pancake, as the cream is said to contain 25 percent less sugar than usual.

We can assume that means it’s okay to indulge in another “drowned” morsel, as Lawson is also releasing a special Chocolate Brownie Drowning in Cream for a limited time.

Every bite of this looks set to smother your taste buds in a sea of cream, with a layer of rich brownie acting as a complement to the cream. This also contains 25-percent less sugar in the cream, and at 295 kilocalories, it’s a slightly less decadent option than the pancake, which packs in 312 kilocalories.

These are two sweets that definitely live up to their names, and they’re available at Lawsons nationwide from 16 November, with the Drowning in Cream Pancake priced at 245 yen (US$2.15) and the Chocolate Brownie Drowning in Cream priced at 265 yen.

And if you do stop by a branch of Lawson to try these, if you’re lucky, you might still be able to track down the elusive takoyaki ice cream while you’re there.

Source, images: Lawson Japan
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