With Jigglypuff on board for this year’s series, it’s going to be a very delicious Christmas.

In recent years, Japan’s top doughnut chain Mister Donut has created something of a new Christmas tradition, by bringing out Pokémon doughnuts for the festive season. 

It’s a tradition we’re certainly on board with, and this year, the chain is bringing back the Pikachu Doughnut — an annual favourite since its unforgettable ugly debut in 2018 — who’ll be sharing the limelight with a new Pikachu and this year’s star friend, Jigglypuff.

▼ The doughnuts will be accompanied by a limited-edition collection of Pokémon goods.

First up in the doughnut range we have the Pikachu Doughnut, which retails for 270 yen (US$1.84) plus tax (prices listed below are all tax-exclusive).

The Pikachu Doughnut is filled with whipped cream, coated with pudding-flavoured chocolate, and uses chocolate for the cheeks, ears and eyes.

Accompanying the crowd-pleasing yellow Pikachu doughnut this year is a brand new white version that looks like a mysterious evolved form.

The Pikachu Snowman Doughnut (270 yen) shows us what the electric Pokémon would look like as a snowman, with a white chocolate coating, chocolate facial features, a “glittery topping” to resemble snow, and a centre filled with deliciously decadent whipped cream.

Joining the two star Pikachu of the season, we have a lineup of specially flavoured French Cruller doughnuts, served up in cute packages for 180 yen each.

The Sound Asleep Pikachu Doughnut contains pudding-flavoured cream and whipped cream, and is finished with pudding-flavoured chocolate.

The Fluffy Jigglypuff Doughnut also contains pudding-flavoured cream and whipped cream, only this time it’s finished with strawberry chocolate in honour of pink Pokémon Jigglypuff.

▼ Jigglypuff is known as “Purin” (“Pudding”) in Japan, making this a particularly perfect combination.

And finally, we have the Twinkling Pikachu Snowman Doughnut, which contains the same pudding-flavoured cream and whipped cream centre, but with a glistening white chocolate coating.

Fans of the chain’s Pon De Ring doughnuts will be pleased to know the seasonal “Pon De Wreath” doughnuts will be back on the menu for the holidays, available in chocolate, strawberry, and white chocolate versions, priced at 160 yen each.

Once you’ve filled up on all the doughnuts, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the related merch, which this year includes:

A white Pokémon Blanket…

▼ …a blue Pokémon Blanket…

▼ …and a set of “Pair Glasses” in the style “Face“…

▼…and “Nap“.

As always, the merchandise purchasing system to collect ’em all is nearly as complicated as a Pokémon game, with customers first having to choose between either a “Doughnut Set” for 1,450 yen (1,468 for eat-in customers), or a “Drink Set” for 1,500 yen (1,516 yen for eat-in customers, all prices tax-inclusive).

As shown in the image above, the Doughnut Set allows customers to choose one Pikachu doughnut, one Pokémon Cruller doughnut, two Pon De Wreaths, one goods item, and select whether they’d like it in a specially branded paper bag or box.

The Drink Set (below) allows customers to choose one Pikachu doughnut, one tapioca drink or fruit tea, one goods item, and select a bag or box.

Doing the math, those who want to collect everything in the collection will have to buy four of either set, which works out to be 5,800 yen for takeout doughnut lovers, or 6,000 yen for takeout drink set customers.

It’s a price diehard fans won’t mind investing in, but you’ll want to keep some yen aside for the new Jigglypuff doughnut and fukubukuro lucky bags coming our way in December.

The Pokémon doughnut and goods campaign will be on the menu at Mister Donut branches nationwide from 9 November until the end of December.

Source, images: PR Times ©2022 Pokémon. ©1995-2022 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
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