Are these exclusive beverages worth the trip out to get them?

Starbucks has been enticing us back to their stores again and again recently, with a constant flurry of new, limited-time drinkware and beverages.

Now, they’re tempting us again, and this time, the siren call is coming from the mermaids at only two locations in Japan: Roppongi Hills and Kirarina Keio Kichijoji in Tokyo.

At these two locations, you’ll find a couple of drinks that aren’t on the menu at any of the chain’s other 1,685 stores in Japan. As soon as we heard the news, we knew we needed to make the trip out to try them, so that’s exactly what we did as soon as they were released on 3 December.

▼ We stopped by the Roppongi store at the Roppongi Hills complex, which was quite crowded when we arrived.

There, at the counter, was a poster advertising the two exclusive drinks; the hot Joyful Medley Apricot & Mousse Tea Latte, and the cold Joyful Medley Apricot & Mousse Tea Latte, priced at 650 yen (US$5.75) each.

There seemed to be a lot of excitement surrounding these exclusive drinks, as a lot of people in line were ordering them. That excitement rubbed off on us, and we couldn’t resist ordering both the hot and iced versions to see which medley made us most joyful.

Starting with the iced version, we could see that it was tantalisingly mousse-like, with a good dollop of pulpy apricot sauce spread throughout its centre.

Drinking this was like taking a trip to mousse heaven — its full-mouth feel was intensely satisfying and the way it melted on the tongue was absolutely divine. The fluffy mousse was filled with the aroma and sweetness of black tea, before giving way to the flavours of apricot, tinged with a hint of jasmine, which left a light and refreshing aftertaste. Gorgeous, light, sweet and delicious, this is definitely a drink worth seeking out.

▼ Next, up we tried the hot version, which was just as moussy as its colder companion.  

Unlike the cold version, the milk here was noticeably more pronounced, with the apricots and jasmine taking more of a backseat. The hot beverage has a more mellow flavour profile overall, making it seem like a totally different drink, despite them containing the same ingredients. It’s worth trying both these drinks if you can, because while the cold one packs a good punch of fruity flavour, the hot one will wrap you in the warmth of milk tinged with a sweet fruitiness.

Both drinks are only on the menu at Roppongi Hills and Kirarina Keio Kichijoji until 14 February, or until stocks last. And if you’re looking for something chocolatey to pair them with, you can always add a Santa-hat wearing Bearista chocolate on top for an extra dose of cute during the holiday season!

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