“This is the first, and probably the last, time for us to try something like this.”

It’s not just the popularity of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba that’s incredible, but the series sheer momentum. Other recent mega hits like Attack on Titan or the Rebuild of Evangelion movies series saw the intensity of fan enthusiasm quiet down during pauses in their content flow, but Demon Slayer just seems to get bigger and bigger.

For example, the Demon Slayer manga wrapped up almost two years ago, and the anime has been in a between-seasons hiatus since mid-February. Even still, this month the series is on the cover of each of Japan’s top three monthly magazines: Kadokawa’s Newtype Tokuma Shoten’s Animage, and Gakken Plus’ Animedia.

Since they’re competing magazines, though, obviously they all have their own covers, each with different characters. Newtype features Tengen Uzui and Gyutaro

Animedia has protagonist Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko

…and Animage sports the largest number of Demon Slayer cast members with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Daki.

But while there are three different Demon Slayer magazine covers this month, there’s actually only one Demon Slayer cover illustration, because when you line the magazines up side by side…

…they turn into one huge, connected scene!

What’s especially cool is how they all still work as individual pieces, so you don’t have to assemble all three publications to get some nice artwork. Those that do combine them though, are rewarded with an awesome panoramic group shot.

Animage, which released its first issue in 1978, said this was the first time in the publication’s history for it to collaborate with two other magazines on a connected cover illustration. Newtype, which was established in 1985, added “This is the first, and probably the last, time for us to try something like this, but we were able to do it because of Demon Slayer,” though with the highly anticipated third season of the anime currently in production, maybe we’ll see another three-magazine crossover cover when the Swordsmith Village Arc premiers.

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