Yoshikitty is back! This time in unicorn-colored accessories with the Pastel Moon Collection

Pastel goth is Hello Kitty’s new style…and we’re into it!

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Local samurai legend is immortalized in rockin’ new short animated film by Production I.G

It’s not every day that a real-life historical figure receives the anime and J-rock tribute treatment.

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North Korea Discovers “Unicorn Nest”, Proves to Kids that it’s OK to Dream Big

State media in North Korea, notorious for its far-fetched claims like the late Kim Jong Il’s near-impossible golf scores and how the earth around his birthplace cracked at the moment of his death, is reported to have told its public last week that the lair of a mythical unicorn-like creature had been discovered by archaeologists.

Cue the sound of crayons being dropped the world over and dewy-eyed children turning to their parents and yelling “See!? They are real!”

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