Finally, the 190-centimeter stuffed animal salmon slice that Sanrio fans have been waiting for!

Sanrio owes its success not just to the adorable designs of its characters, but to the huge selection of little knickknacks it offers. No matter which character is your favorite, you can get a keychain, notebook, or smartphone case with their likeness, ready to give you a little smile every time you look at its compact cuteness.

But what if you’re an especially big Sanrio fan who’s craving an especially big Sanrio item? Then this is for you.

Actually, these plushies aren’t just big, they’re “super big of your dreams”-sized. Sanrio is looking to make a whole line of Soft and Fluffy Super Big Stuffed Animal Cushions of Your Dreams, and leading off are Kuromi, mischievous self-proclaimed rival to My Melody, and Kirimi-chan, Sanrio’s sentient salmon filet who wants nothing more than to be devoured someday.

Kuromi stands 180 centimeters (70.9 inches) tall, making her taller than the average Japanese adult. Kirimi-chan, meanwhile has a more modest height of 118 centimeters, but also a massive 190-centimeter width.

These plushies are so big that you might have trouble holding them in your arms for extended periods of time. If so, Sanrio recommends lying or sitting down to cuddle them.

Or, for maximum relaxation, you can lie down on top of the Soft and Fluffy Super Big Stuffed Animal Cushions of Your Dreams. While their top/front facing surfaces are pillowy soft, they have a urethane base on the bottom/back, making them essentially Sanrio character-shaped mattresses.

Being on top of them does make them harder to wrap your arms around, but the odds of these jumbo versions of Kuromi and Kirimi-chan being any fan’s sole plushie of the character are slim to none, so all you have to do is grab one of your non-crazy-size stuffed animals if you need something to squeeze.

Eventually Sanrio plans to add other characters to the line, including, of course, Hello Kitty. For now, though, it’s Kuromi and Kirimi-chan who’re available, but you can’t just stroll into a Sanrio store and grab one off the shelf. Instead, they’re being offered through crowdfunding site Makuake, at a price of 50,000 yen (US$385), seeing as how they’re effectively pieces of furniture.

Kuromi’s crowdfunding page can be found here, and Kirimi-chan’s here. Each campaign has 60 days to go, with shipping scheduled for November, so you’ve got plenty of time to figure out how you’re going to rearrange your home’s interior to fit them in.

Source: PR Times, Makuake (1, 2)
Images: PR Times
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