Exhibit enters its second phase, which will still be open when Japan reopens to international tourism.

Back in July, the Sailor Moon Museum exhibit, hosted at Tokyo’s Roppongi Museum, opened. Given the long history of the franchise and its wealth of memorable artwork, the initial focus was on Sailor Moon’s first two story arcs, but this month the exhibition entered its “Volume 2” phase, which shifts the focus to the third and fourth, when the final Sailor Senshi join the cast.

The changeover to Volume 2 took place on September 10, and the exhibit’s management provided a peek at what’s new by releasing a few promotional stills of the 60 pieces of artwork that have been added to the display lineup.

But they’re also giving fans a much more dramatic preview with a video walkthrough…or, to be more precise, a video flythrough made by piloting a drone through the exhibit.

The video starts in the treetops outside the building, before the drone drops down and swoops through the entrance, across the lobby, and into the first room of the exhibit, with a mural of Sailor Moon standing tall behind an array of her transformation items and other magical regalia.

The next areas on the flightpath are hallways covered in artwork, first of black-and-white illustrations from creator Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga, and then the brightly colored anime adaptation.

Other notable works of Sailor art we fly by include the Sailor Moon wedding dress collection

…costumes from Tokyo’s live stage show Sailor Moon restaurant (which, sadly, has not survived the pandemic)…

…and a hall of Sailor Senshi portraits where it appears guests are allowed to take commemorative photos with the magical girls.

Of course, with any anime event going on in Japan these days, the question that comes up is “Will foreign fans be able to go?” Thankfully Volume 2 of the Sailor Moon Museum event will run until November 6, so it’ll still be going on when Japan reopens to unrestricted international tourism next month, and even after that, there are going to be Volumes 3 and 4, with the exhibition as a whole continuing until December 30.

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Source: Twitter/@sailormoon_ex
Top image: Sailor Moon Museum official website
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