Hot and fried potato, cream, and cheese on a bun–the perfect meal for a winter’s day.

Komeda Coffee is a café chain in Japan known not only for its coffee, but also for its oversized food items–some of them even spill off the plate. One of their seasonal menu items called the “Gurakuro Burger”, short for “Gratin Croquette Burger”, caught our Japanese-language reporter Anji Tabata’s attention. You know what that means, right? Taste-test time!

The Gurakuro Burger has a patty made of potatoes, fresh Hokkaido cream, and five kinds of cheese–gouda, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and edam, to be exact. It’s then topped with Komeda’s signature demi-glace sauce, along with some cabbage and carrots, then sandwiched between two sizeable buns.

▼ It was so big, Anji could hardly hold it with one hand.

▼ Now, let’s try it!

Anji’s first bite was full of flavor and texture. The crispness of the fried batter harmonized perfectly with the croquette’s white sauce filling.

▼ And then there was the cheese. The cheese!

Adding further texture and flavor were the crunchy cabbage and carrots, along with the sweetness of the demi-glace sauce.

▼ There may not be a ton of sauce, but trust us, it’s enough.

Komeda suggests diners take things one step further by adding a bit of Tabasco sauce for an extra kick. Anji had some at home, so she tried it out.

▼ Ten out of ten.

Since the burger has a lot of mellowing dairy components, the Tabasco added just enough spice and smokiness without being overwhelming. The whole thing was absolutely delicious, and particularly perfect for a cold wintry day.

Komeda will be selling the Gurakuro Burger until the end of February at its cafes across Japan (some branches may be excluded). Also note that price varies by location; the café Anji visited offered it for 640 yen, or US$4.62, but it may not be the same when you go. Enjoy the comfort and full stomach you’ll get!

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