Mr. Sato nets himself a uniquely fishy souvenir inside of Tokyo’s major travel hub

You, too, may be able to get your hands on this “Tuna King” when you pass through Tokyo Station.

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Tuna sushi transforms into a robot in Sushiro x Bandai collaboration

The Unitrobo Tuna Sushi Fire Engine commands you to play with your food!

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We visit super popular tuna specialty joint Izakaya Hitoshi on Okinawa’s Ishigaki Island

After failing to secure a reservation for one month prior to his visit, our reporter gets in with some luck and ascends to tuna heaven.

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Maguro mountain! Giant sashimi bowls of this Ginza restaurant are even bigger than promised

Why did we eat this mountain? Because it was there.

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Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best tuna sushi?【Taste test】

We go kaitenzushi hopping for a back-to-back-to-back-to-back maguro comparison.

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How to choose a great block of sashimi-grade tuna – 66-year maguro master shares his protips

He got his start in tuna wholesale when he was just 16, and today we’re learning from his experience.

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Tuna sells for record 333.6 million yen at Toyosu Fish Market auction in Tokyo

The prized catch was served up at Sushi Zanmai branches around Japan.

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Fresh tuna sashimi vs. frozen – Can our Japanese taste testers tell the difference in taste test?

Tuna is tuna is tuna, right? Wrong!

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Super Mega Important Debate: Tuna or salmon sushi? 【Poll now closed】

It’s finally the weekend, so what better way to squander our precious time off than by arguing over things that don’t really matter?

This week we’re asking: Which is better? Salmon sushi or tuna sushi?

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I can’t believe it’s not cake! Bakery’s newest creation looks just like tuna-sashimi bowl

Is it just me, or are cakes these days starting to look less and less… cakey? With all sorts of techniques, tools, and ingredients at their fingertips, it seems like bakers can now turn cake into pretty much anything, as we’ve seen before from this cake shop in Shinjuku, that sells cakes disguised as Chinese food (you can even learn to make a bowl-of-ramen cake yourself here).

Now, that same shop, called Maplies, has come out with yet another tricky treat that looks exactly like maguro-don, a rice bowl with slices of tuna sashimi on top!

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Giant maguro donated to shrine of fishing-god Ebisu

The start of a new year means it’s time for hatsumōde, the year’s first visit to a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple. You pray for good luck in the new year, throw some spare yen into the saisenbako (big offering box), get some omamori (good luck charms), and hope that the omikuji (fortune) you get is dai-kichi (great luck) and not dai-kyō (you’re screwed).

While most people are satisfied donating a few yen coins in the donation box when they visit their shrine, the Nishinomiya shrine in Hyogo Prefecture does things a little differently. They want to make sure the gods hear them loud and clear, so they lug a massive frozen maguro onto the donation box and leave it there for three days.

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Japan’s Top Five Favorite Sushi Toppings

Sushi is a classic Japanese food that has become popular all over the world. However, sushi served in restaurants outside of Japan can turn out a little strange. Sushi hybrid concoctions such as the California roll filled with avocado and crab, and the caterpillar roll, topped with avocado and made to resemble a live caterpillar, have been delighting foreign taste buds for years. But exactly what kind of sushi do the Japanese prefer? A survey asked 500 MyNavi News members (246 males, 254 females) to share their favorite sushi topping. Surprisingly, tuna is not the most popular.

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