Neither Japan nor the U.S. are the first countries to get the first collaboration between the anime studio and fashion brand.

Over the years, we’ve seen Uniqlo team up with a whole slew of popular anime for its T-shirt line, from all-time classics like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon to more recent hits like Attack on Titan and Spy x Family. But what we haven’t seen Uniqlo do is collaborate with Studio Ghibli…until now.

This is actually a three-way collaboration, involving Unqilo, Studio Ghibli, and Thai artist Kanyada Phatan. Phatan, who’s also a photographer and poet, is a regular contributor to Studio Ghibli’s monthly magazine Neppu, and rather than just slapping a couple pieces of Ghibli key art on some T-shirts and calling it a day, Phatan applied her creative sense to Ghibli’s iconic character and creature designs to create several new illustrations for the Uniqlo/Ghibli line.

Starting with the short-sleeved T-shirts, there are a total of seven designs, some with graphics on the back as well, and all with “Studio Ghibli” written on the left sleeve. There’s naturally a lot of love shown for Totoro – in addition to the big guy himself, there are multiple shirts with the Makkuro Kurosuke, or Soot Sprites.

▼ One of them features the collaboration’s slogan, “Hey, let’s go!”, which is likely a reference to the opening lyrics of the English version of Totoro’s opening theme, “Sanpo.”

“Hey, wait, the Soot Sprites also show up in Spirited Away, where they’re called Susuwatari!”, you might be shouting. And you’re right, but, at least on this shirt, they appear to be the Totoro-sourced Makkuro Kurosuke.

Don’t worry, though, because Spirited Away gets a shirt of its own with no fewer than three versions of No Face plus five Susuwatari.

Another Ghibli character who makes a deep impression without ever saying an actual word? The robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

And if you need something more brightly colored? There’s the Kiki’s Delivery Service T-shirt, which has a pocket…

…for black cat Jiji to pop out of.

As you might have noticed way up above, while Uniqlo’s anime collaborations are usually limited to T-shirts only, for the Ghibli line they’re offering button-up shirts as well, one with Totoro and the Catbus and another with more Makkuro Kurosuke.

A third button-up shirt is covered in Kodama, the rattly headed forest spirits from Princess Mononoke.

Need more Mononoke? Uniqlo’s Ghibli line even has sweatshirts, one with San’s mask embroidered on the front and the famous line “Live. You’re beautiful” written on the back.

Also part of the sweatshirt selection are a Spirited Away design, with the Aburaya bathhouse’s emblem on the front and proprietor/witch Yubaba on the back…

…and a Totoro sweatshirt with a similar layout as his T-shirt.

The above shirts and sweatshirts are all listed as men’s or unisex garments.

If you’re looking to accessorize, Uniqlo’s popular mini shoulder bags are getting some Ghibli versions…

…and if you want to have Ghibli style from the feet up, Soot Sprite socks, in two colors.

The entire lineup is on sale now, and if you’ve been in a Japanese Uniqlo recently and are wondering why you didn’t see any Ghibli items that’s because the line appears to be, for the moment anyway, exclusive to Uniqlo Singapore and Thailand. The two divisions of the company list the price for the Ghibli T-shirts and bags at S$19.90/THB 590 (US$14.70/US$16/70), the button-up shirts at sweatshirts at S$39.90/THB 990, and the socks at S$5.90/THB 130. Given that Japan is Studio Ghibli’s home market, and the immense popularity of its films in the U.S., it would seem like the Uniqlo Ghibli line will eventually make it to stores in those countries too, but for the time being orders can be made on Uniqlo’s Singapore and Thailand online shops here and here.

Source: Uniqlo
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