Catching ‘em all will not be cheap.

There’s a wide array of Poké Balls in Pokémon, each with a different purpose, and you can tell what each is by its color scheme. The red-and-white standard Poké Ball is an all-rounder, of course, while the Ultra Ball, colored gray, yellow, and white is for catching particularly powerful Pocket Monsters and the Fast Ball, with and orange and yellow top, is for targeting speedy ones.

So that blue Poké Ball pictured above has a special purpose too, and if you’re a fashion fan you can probably guess from the specific hue that it’s to hold Tiffany accessories.

The New York-based jewelry maker has announced a team-up with the Pokémon franchise. Actually, it’s announced a team-up with both Pokémon and American artist Daniel Arsham, called the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon Capsule Collection.

Unwieldy name aside, the lineup consists of finely crafted versions of six different Pocket Monster species, including, naturally, Pikachu. Charmander and Squirtle are here too, though the third member of the Gen-1 starter trio, Bulbasaur, is left out, with the remaining slots in the collaboration going to Jigglypuff, Mew, and Cubone.

The line consists of nine pieces: a pair of 18-karat gold Pikachu necklaces (in large and small pendant sizes) six sterling silver necklaces with the individual Pokémon, and one more sterling silver necklace with all six. All of the necklaces feature diamond accents.

The sparkle of the diamonds is particularly bright in contrast to the steely look of the oxidized silver. This weathered look is a callback to Arsham’s “Ripple in Time” art project from 2022, which included an anime short in which Ash/Satoshi and Pikachu discover a ruined city filled with Pokémon statues with crystalline cores.

Arsham even has a cameo in the anime as a a Cubone trainer, which explains why the species is part of this collection.

Getting back to that Tiffany-blue Poké Ball, it serves as the case for the gold Pikachu necklaces, both the large-pendant version pictured above, with Pikachu is sitting down, and the small-pendant version with the same pose as the statue in the Ripple in Time short.

The other pieces come in conventionally shaped boxes, though sporting the Pokémon logo and the Tiffany shade of blue.

Of course, precious metals, diamonds, and Tiffany accessories in general don’t come cheap. In Japan, the individual silver necklaces are priced at 211,200 yen (approximately US$1,400), with the six-species version 1,1177,000 yen. For the gold Pikachu pieces, the small pendant is 1,507,000 yen, and the large 4,730,000 yen (US$31,500). Prices don’t appear to have been announced for other markets yet, but the collection goes on sale December 1 through both the Tiffany Japan and U.S.A. online shops, as well as at the brand’s physical stores in Tokyo’s Omotesando and New York City’s Tiffany & Co. Landmark.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, YouTube/ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル
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