We purchased a Pompompurin-themed bag to relive our childhood nostalgia and were pleasantly surprised at the practicality of the items.

These days, our Japanese-language reporter K. Masami is a big fan of the Sanrio characters Hangyodon, Badtz-Maru, Gudetama, and Hanamaruobake. When she was little, however, Pompompurin was her favorite. Perhaps it was that sense of loyalty to her younger self that caused her to somewhat impulsively purchase a Sanrio lucky bag for 4,990 yen (US$34.22) with the adorable pudding-loving golden retriever gracing the front of it.

Original tote bag (front)

▼ Original tote bag (back)

Including the tote bag, there were 10 items in total, featuring mostly Pompompurin-themed goodies with a few surprises thrown in.

First, she was incredibly impressed with the Chinese zodiac plushie made specifically to ring in the new year, complete with a cute little dragon friend to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dragon.

▼ Like China, Japan also celebrates the zodiac year, although it begins here on 1 January.

The plushie made an excellent partner for a Pompompurin mascot holder dressed as a dragon and embroidered with the kanji for “dragon” (when referring to the sign on the Chinese zodiac).

Seeing these little guys side by side with the Pompompurin from Sanrio’s lucky bag last year, with its cute Year of the Rabbit friend, made Masami want to collect them every year until she has a full set of Pompompurins holding all 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

She was also happy to score new versions of similar items that she got last year, including these slipper socks (22-25 centimeters [8.7-9.8 inches]) complete with an embroidery of Pompompurin holding a kitty.

▼ Last year’s slipper socks (left)

The tissue box case had the doggo sporting a slightly more rectangular head than usual.

The hair clip/accessory case came with two very cute hair clips…

…of Pompompurin and fellow Sanrio friend Tuxedo Sam in ice cream popsicle form!

▼ Reverse side of the clips

Moving away from our leading character, there was a Cinnamoroll plushie dressed in a cat outfit with a bendable tail clip. This seemed like a safe choice for inclusion since the white dog with a cinnamon roll-looking tail scored number one in 2023’s Sanrio character popularity ranking.

A Cinnamoroll pattern also decorated the outside of this refillable tissue case. This one is different from the previous one in that a box isn’t needed.

▼ Instructions for refilling it with tissues

An adorable bath towel was adorned with a handful of Sanrio’s most popular characters.

Finally, the prize that Masami liked the most was the Pompompurin Cheki stand (Cheki is a Japanese brand of mini instant photo like a Polaroid). It’s part of a series of photo stands, each one featuring a particular Sanrio character. She was excited to assemble it with a special photo of her choice.

All in all, Masami was very impressed with this lucky bag and its assortment of cute but practical items. Sanrio is truly the reigning company of cuteness–and she might have fallen in love with its characters even a little bit more.

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