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2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will Blow. You. Away.

Japan hasn’t hosted the Summer Olympics since 1964; three years from now marks their big chance to impress everyone on the world stage.

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A talking butt solves crime: the anime

Toei Animation has launched a new site and announced a new Net Anime series based on the popular children’s picture book series, Oshiri Tantei.

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Sprint And Pokémon GO Want To Send You To Japan!

Sprint wants to send you and three of your friends to Yokohama for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in August!

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Twin Peaks season 2.5: Japan’s canned coffee ad campaign【Video】

Right now, the world is buzzing about the return of Twin Peaks. Will Agent Cooper ever escape the Black Lodge? What’s going on in New York? Will the delicious taste of Georgia Coffee finally lead Ken to his wife Asami?

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Metal Gear Solid’s composer wants you to chill

Norihiko Hibino wants you to take a moment for yourself. Just relax. Let your worries fade. Get lost in his smooth saxophone sounds.

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Catch Squirtle at Build-A-Bear in June 2017!

Build-A-Bear recently announced a new addition to its Pokémon Collection – the feisty water turtle, Squirtle – will be available online and in stores starting June 1st.

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Is Hosoda the next Miyazaki?

Everyone loves Ghibli movies, and for good reason. But since Miyazaki retired (or not, depending on how he feels this week), people have wondered – who will be his spiritual successor?

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Your new favorite anime is a zipper commercial

Ever wondered why you see the letters “YKK” on so many zippers?

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New live-action Tokyo Ghoul trailer

A new trailer was released this week for a live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie, which was announced last summer.

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