We eat a meal to remember…at a Japanese police station in Fukuoka

Lunch and law enforcement make for a thrilling combination.

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Sichuan university displays the confiscated cookware of frustrated students

One of the great things about college is living in the dorms with all your friends and being able to walk down to the cafeteria for ready-made meals. It has all the convenience of living at home with your family, but without anyone telling you when to come home! Of course, that’s not to say that there were no rules–and one of the big ones is the prohibition of items that may cause fires, like hot-plates and toasters. As much as we all love grilled cheese sandwiches at 2 am, I think we can agree that it’s not exactly paranoid to worry that someone will forget to turn theirs off and start fire.

However one university in Sichuan is apparently a bit…zealous when it comes to enforcing the rules. They’ve even displayed the confiscated contraband on campus as a warning to would-be rule breakers. It turns out, though, that there was a good reason why so many students were cooking secretly in their rooms…

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Chinese university students brave any weather for mandatory military training exercises

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the freshmen are…not snoring?

“A little rain never hurt anyone” should be the unofficial motto of these first-year university students in China who recently participated in mandatory military training exercises. The folks over at Shanghaiist shared the following photos of students braving the elements as they marched in sync under brightly colored umbrellas. Need a little motivation to get going the next time it rains? Just be thankful you’re not one of them!

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Hand-made animal-shaped buns a steaming hit among students in China

We have written a handful of articles about cute character-shaped doughnuts and cakes that can be found in Japan. Adorable food is probably something that would sell in any country, but what if such Western snacks are not a common choice among the locals, like in China, for example? The creative canteen ladies at the Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin recently cooked up their own version of animal-shaped snacks, in the form of Chinese steamed buns, and they’re selling like, well, hotcakes.

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Ever wondered what Japanese prison food tastes like? Try it firsthand at the “Prison Cafeteria”

Without actually getting arrested and being thrust into the confines of a prison cell, there is little if any chance of us being able to taste real prison food. However, this doesn’t stop many of us wondering on the odd occasion what all those guys doing hard labor actually eat day after day. It could possibly be the most revolting thing known to man but if only there were a way to at least try it…. In this vain, our RocketNews24 reporter Kuzo searched high and low for a place where all of us upstanding citizens can try the stuff without resorting to breaking the law. Thankfully, this is Japan, so it didn’t take long for him to track down a cafeteria in northern part of Japan that specializes solely in Japanese prison food.

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Korean High School Cafeteria Has a Bit of a Cleanup Problem

People are pretty good at returning their trays after they’ve finished eating at a self-serve cafeteria. It’s no fun task cleaning up after others, so dumping leftovers in the appropriate bin and separating utensils and trays and returning them to their designated pickup areas is highly appreciated by kitchen staff. Recent photos uploaded to the Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange (KJ Club) website, however, makes one wonder if students and teachers at one Korean high school might be in need of a manners lesson.
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Chinese Student Finds Used Condom Mixed in with School Cafeteria Food

Most of us as some point or another have found a strand of hair in our food. Perhaps the more lucky of us have come across an insect or two. These are all understandable mishaps that are best forgiven and forgotten; we’re only human and a little fly in the soup never hurt anyone.

For a bit of perspective, imagine if you found a used condom mixed in with a bowl of rice you ordered at your school cafeteria, which is what actually happened to one unfortunate student at an unnamed university in Beijing.

Now that’s something to raise a fuss about; and the student did, confronting the kitchen staff with the slimy rubber topping. You’ll never guess how they responded…

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