school lunches

Foreign student’s comment leads to Japan’s favorite tonkotsu ramen being added to school lunch menu

This guy must now be a hero to his classmates.

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Tokyo government building serves local school lunch to public in Japanese cafeteria

If you’ve ever wondered what a Japanese school lunch tastes like, you’ll want to head to this hidden gem.

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School Cafeteria for adults is a great place to go for cheap Japanese food in Tokyo

Experience the comforting flavours of a school lunch, and enjoy all-you-can eat Japanese curry as well! 

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No school lunches? Tokyo boxed lunch stand says kids have to pay, but doesn’t care when, to whom

Open-ended IOU is a tear-jerkingly literal application of paying it forward.

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School Lunch Cookbook a Hit With Nostalgic Dieters

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic for the school lunch experience, you don’t have to pass yourself off as a grade schooler and sneak into your local elementary school. You can find healthy, hearty school lunch recipes in a recently published book by nutrition specialist Katsuko Fujiwara called “School Lunches at Home“.

And these recipes aren’t just any old standby. They’re the kind of meals that make everyone happy. Kids want school meals to be delicious, parents want them to be nutritious, and schools just want them to be reasonably priced and easy to prepare. That’s a high bar to clear, but with over 20,000 schools in Japan offering a school lunch program, there were sure to be a few offerings that hit the trifecta, and Fujiwara has compiled some of the best for you.
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