Watch the “world’s largest firework” go off 【Video】

That bad boy pictured above is the Yonshakudama (Four Shaku Ball) and it claims to be largest single firework in the world. At a pot-smoker pleasing weight of 420kg (926lbs) and with a diameter of 1.2m (4 feet), most people tend to take the maker’s word for it.

Fireworks of this immense size are launched during a show at the Katakai Festival in Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture and are said to have a beautiful blast radius of 800m (2,625 feet). But enough talk. Let’s kick the tires and light some fires watching them in action thanks to a video uploaded to YouTube by Temple Fireworks.

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Kumano City’s floating firework finale may be the coolest we’ve seen all year

Summer in Japan is all about kimonos, fans and fireworks. There really are few better ways to beat the heat than getting outdoors in a light cotton robe, eating and ton of festival grub and settling in to watch pictures being painted on the black night sky. And although fireworks festivals themselves are nothing out of the ordinary here in Japan, the blast that brought Kumano City’s Hanabi Taikai fireworks festival to a close this year was truly spectacular, with the excited crowd’s countdown to the final moment immediately followed by gasps and cheers almost as loud as the explosion itself. Check out the epic firework in all its glory after the jump.

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Fireworks filmed from above by flying camera

Most people only ever see fireworks from the ground, staring up and watching them explode into the night sky. But what would they look like if you saw them from above? Now there’s a video on YouTube that lets you find out!

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A special visual treat from Vietnam, with plenty of bang! 【Video】

In Japan, we have a tradition of enjoying huge firework events in the summer. On weekends in July and August, you can often see girls on their way to a hanabi taikai (fireworks festival) in colorful yukatas, a popular summer kimono for women when going out to fireworks events. But of course, it doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy beautiful fireworks, as this stunning video from Vietnam proves!

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【Video】Kuwait Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Constitution With Record-Breaking Fireworks Display

Kuwait celebrated it’s 50th anniversary of its constitution this month with a grand fireworks display, never seen to this extent before.

77,282 fireworks exploded into the air on November, setting the Guiness World Record for most fireworks launched during an event.  This oil-rich country knows how to put on a great show of fireworks, but it wasn’t cheap! Read More

Breathtaking Nagaoka Fireworks Will Make You Want to Spend a Summer in Japan

Summer in Japan is all about matsuri, or festivals. Young people dressed in yukata walking through streets lined with food stalls and game booths, the rowdy, drunken group of local men carrying a giant mikoshi shrine through the crowd while yelling “Washoi! Washoi!” and, of course, the fireworks.

The Japanese take fireworks very seriously, which is why Japan is home to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the world. To see what we mean, the fireworks show at this year’s Nagaoka Matsuri in Niigata prefecture has been generating buzz on the net thanks to some amazing video footage posted to YouTube. Check it out below!

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