McDonald’s adds a sukiyaki burger to its tsukimi lineup this year, with a spicy warning

We find out if this new moon-viewing burger is as spicy as they say it is. 

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Tsukimi burger season heats up as McDonald’s Japan unveils new moon-viewing burger lineup【Pics】

Burgers and sweets to enjoy as you look up at the night sky this autumn.

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McDonald’s Japan adds cheese smoothie to their autumn menu

Fruit and cheese is a heavenly combination.

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Move over, matcha. Starbucks makes its first-ever hojicha roasted green tea Frappuccino

The coffeehouse chain dives deeper into the world of Japanese tea.

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Double Drink Bottles a Hit in Korea, Especially with the Hopelessly Indecisive

RocketNews’ ever faithful correspondent, Kuzo, stumbled upon a new type of drink while traveling abroad.  The bottle is divided down the middle with one side containing 100% orange juice and the other holding grape juice.

The cap has two separate spouts and lids, so if you want a sweet treat of grape juice just do that side. If you feel a cold coming on then go the other way for a vitamin C boost.

Or if you want to really take a walk on the wild side, flip them both up for a very loosely mixed orange/grape blend.

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