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Potentially dirty and broken used Shinkansen food/beverage carts on sale in Japan for 100,000 yen

Some might call it wear and tear, but others would argue it’s history and authenticity.

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Japan travel alert: Cheapest seats on fastest Shinkansen will not be offered for Golden Week

You can still use the cheap-seat ticket, but you absolutely will not get a seat.

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Tokaido Shinkansen removing smoking rooms, going entirely smoke-free

End of the line for smoking on the Tokyo-to-Fukuoka bullet trains.

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Nozomi Shinkansen bullet train abolishes low-priced unreserved tickets during peak travel seasons

New policy affects popular Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka route of high-speed rail network.

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Tokaido Shinkansen ending in-train food/drink sales for all non-first-class-passenger cars

Better plan ahead if you’re planning to eat on the bullet train.

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Kyoto in summer: A special trip to Kifune shrine recharges the soul

Itinerary includes a sightseeing train, shrine visit, and a meal to remember!

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JR Central and Kyoto temple team up for the coolest temple tourism experiences you’ll ever see

Crafts, private art viewings, private lectures, exclusive tea tastings…you’ll want to do it all!

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Japan’s Moonlight Nagara train service ends, leaving a hole in overnight rail travel

A sad day for travellers, especially Seishun 18 ticket holders.

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It is now OK for JR Central train drivers to sip water (without having to file a report about it)

For someone whose job it is to drive a train or a bus full of passengers, the safety of those passengers is paramount. The training these drivers have to go through is pretty intensive and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the list of things they can and cannot do while on the job.

But let’s check a couple of things on this list. Did you know that while a train is stationary, the operator is allowed to take a drink of water? Sounds reasonable. However, did you know that they have to fill out a report every time they do?

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This is your final boarding call for a once-in-a-decade chance to ride Japan’s fastest train

The Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Train (SCMaglev) has been in development by Japan Railways for decades and has already broken various world speed records for railed vehicles during test runs. However, it won’t begin operation in Japan until 2027.

That is unless you are one of the lucky few chosen for a series of test runs being conducted in November and December of this year. If you apply by midnight on 30 September you’ll get a chance to ride the train of the future today! What are you waiting for?! Go!

Actually, wait! There’s some useful information you should probably read here first. Then go!

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