Does Tokyo’s “breakup shrine” really have the power to end relationships?

We set out to dispel rumours about the shrine’s mysterious power…but it ends up biting us in the butt.

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A visit to Japan’s cursed tunnel and statue of Oshima Zuido【Haunted Japan】

One cursed spot just isn’t enough for this small coastal town.

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Cursed sites of Tokyo: A love shrine with 7 mysteries and a vengeful samurai ghost

Dark details you won’t find in travel guides to Japan. 

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Samurai’s severed head moved in Tokyo, earthquake occurs at his body in Ibaraki

“More care than a nuclear weapon” required to restore the burial mound dedicated to Japan’s most vengeful spirit.

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Visiting the burial site of the head of Japan’s most evil demon in Kyoto

Don’t worry, our writer brought a Pikachu with him for protection.

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Heading to a Shinto shrine soon? You might not want to read these ghost stories before you go!

If you’re spending even a short amount of time in Japan, visiting at least one Buddhist temple and one Shinto shrine should definitely be on your list. It doesn’t matter too much which one you go to — they all tend to be lovely places with great atmospheres. Of course, some are bigger and fancier than others, and some just have better locations, like on top of mountains or in forests.

However, it turns out that, according to certain legends flying around on Twitter right now, you might want to be careful about which shrines you visit, or something spooky could be waiting for you…

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