Mie Prefecture

Visit the mythical cave that hid the Sun Goddess in Japanese mythology

An unsual tourist site shrouded in intrigue and mystery.

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42-year-old police sergeant disciplined for stealing about 200 yen from shrine donation box

“I just wanted some money to buy cigarettes and coffee,” he said.

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Mie Prefecture to become first in Japan to ban outing LGBT individuals

Outing will soon be officially out in Mie.
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Ninja laser tag tournament being organized at Japanese castle in the domain of the Iga ninja clan

Winner of laser shuriken battles will take home prizes including ninja sake and ninja rice.

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Man strips, makes it rain atop stone lantern at Ise Jingu shrine in Japan

New Year’s Eve gets out of hand at Japan’s most holy shrine.

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Mie University to add “ninja section” on entrance exams

If you don’t know your mizugumo from your kunai, then I’m afraid you might not be Mie University material.

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We visit a conveyor belt BBQ offering Japan’s best beef at only a fraction of the price【Pics】

Say hello to some the country’s best barbecue, or yakiniku, featuring cuts of highly sought-after  Matsusaka beef.

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Shima City’s new ama girl mascot faces backlash from real-life deep sea shellfish divers

Last November, a quiet little town in Mie Prefecture asked locals to name their newest anime mascot character, a cute shellfish diver that represented the industry the town of Shima was famous for. The name with the most votes was Aoshima Megu and thus Shima City had its brand new, super popular city mascot.

End of story, right? No quite. Unfortunately for the city, concerned citizens are now publicly airing their issues with the 2D mascot, and the criticism is originating from the women on whom the mascot is based – the female freediving experts themselves.

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Giant 25cm-long ‘miracle goldfish’ found after hiding in Japanese aquarium for seven years

Of all the underwater creatures you can find in aquariums, a goldfish might not seem too special. But there’s one goldfish in Shima Marineland in Japan’s Mie Prefecture with a life-story more exciting than most.

Thrown into a tank as food for a larger species, this plucky fish not only escaped predators, but managed to slip into a water filtration tank where it survived undetected for seven years – growing to a length of 25cm (10 inches) – before being discovered by aquarium staff.

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