Matsusaka beef

National Diet Curry: Loved by Japanese Prime Ministers and politicians, but is it any good?

The Kokkai Beef Curry is an immoral meal, in more ways than one. 

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Crazy expensive “phantom beef” instant curry — Dream come true or edible nightmare?【Taste test】

You could eat restaurant curry multiple times for the price of this single-serving vacuum pack.

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$100 ramen in Tokyo: Overpriced or totally worth it?

We splurge on luxury noodles with a luxury price tag.

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$89 “Phantasmal Sushi Roll” fancies up life with Matsusaka beef and truffle salt 【Taste Test】

If you can afford this luxury lucky sushi roll, how much luck do you really need?

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We visit a conveyor belt BBQ offering Japan’s best beef at only a fraction of the price【Pics】

Say hello to some the country’s best barbecue, or yakiniku, featuring cuts of highly sought-after  Matsusaka beef.

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What Kind of Hamburger Is Worth 23 Bucks?

Every day on my way to work, I pass one of the many outlets of fast-food giant Lotteria. Usually, I grab a cup of coffee there and drink it as I head to the office, but this morning something new caught my eye.

They’re selling Matsusaka Beef hamburgers? Hamburgers made from one of the best quality meats in Japan, famous for its exquisite marbling? But at 1800 yen (about $23), that’s a pretty steep price tag for a fast-food burger… Will it be worth it?
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