Which Japanese conveyer belt sushi chain has the tastiest sea snail, if any?【Taste test】

Our reporter didn’t have high hopes for this taste test…Did it surpass his expectations?

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We try clams from a Japanese vending machine and live to tell the tale

Mega clams turn out to be mega, in more ways than one. 

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Is it dangerous to slurp oysters straight from the shell? Japan’s Ministry of Health weighs in

It can go two ways: a fun time or a lot of time in the toilet.

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We eat the best crayfish of our life at a Tokyo specialty restaurant【Taste test】

This Takadanobaba restaurant blew us away with its delicious Chinese-inspired dishes!

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Shima City’s new ama girl mascot faces backlash from real-life deep sea shellfish divers

Last November, a quiet little town in Mie Prefecture asked locals to name their newest anime mascot character, a cute shellfish diver that represented the industry the town of Shima was famous for. The name with the most votes was Aoshima Megu and thus Shima City had its brand new, super popular city mascot.

End of story, right? No quite. Unfortunately for the city, concerned citizens are now publicly airing their issues with the 2D mascot, and the criticism is originating from the women on whom the mascot is based – the female freediving experts themselves.

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