Plushie cat testicle pouches prove Japanese designers can make anything look cute【Photos】

Adorable bags let you “enjoy cat balls wherever you are and whenever you like.”

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Japan’s cat futon notepads are the perfect reason to put your thoughts down on paper【Photos】

Unforgettable cuteness to go with your reminders.

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“Kitten-milk scented” lip gloss promises to make you feel like you’ve just kissed a cat’s nose

Just in case bottled cat-forehead scent wasn’t enough!

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Allergic to cats, but still love them? This is the perfect T-shirt for you

Each purchase will help support animals in need and your need to hold an animal!

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Purrfectly cute band-aids for cat scratches become real product after chance Twitter encounter

Despite their tendency to cough up hairballs, bring us dead things, and ferociously defend tissue boxes, just what is it about cats that keeps us coming back for more?

If you’re one of the millions of ‘hoomins’ around the world who repeatedly fall prey to their cat’s ridiculous yet adorable antics and spend hours of your life reading kitty news or watching cat videos on YouTube, you’re probably the type who is willing to forgive your feline friend if it has a grumpy day every now and then. But what should you do when you receive an unfortunate scratch/wound/battle scar from the object of your devotion? We say you should advertise it to the world with one of these brand-new band-aids designed specifically for cat scratches!

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