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Tinder just opened a convenience store in Japan, aimed at adults only

SwipeMart made romantic dreams come true, and now there are hopes it’ll spread around the country.

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40 things our loveless reporter felt using Tinder in Japan

Online dating sure can be frustrating.

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Is it a crime to ditch a bad date and leave them with the bill? Japanese man finds out

After fleeing a restaurant when a women he met online wasn’t who he thought she was, one man was surprised to get a call from the police.

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“Where are the normal men?” A Japanese woman tells of five online dating woes


How far will today’s 30-something single ladies go to find love in Japan?

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The 10 most attractive Japanese women’s names, as chosen by dating app users

Some ask what’s in a name, but women with these monikers proved to be more popular than any others on one well-known dating app.

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Confessions of a professional Japanese dating site female impersonator 【Interview】

What’s it like to dupe lonely Japanese guys and get paid to do it? We talk to someone who did just that.

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Executives arrested from scam dating sites that had 2.7 million users and only one female member

Dating is never easy, is it? Going out and meeting strangers and talking to them can be painful, awkward, and downright terrifying. Fortunately, Internet dating sites have helped us cut through the trial-and-error process to find people we have deep, personal connections with — or, at least, who swiped right.

Unfortunately, online dating is also ripe for abuse, exploitation, and scams. If ever you needed a cautionary tale for being careful about who you give your money to, this group of dating site executives who ran multiple scam sites should suffice. Of the 2.7 millions users on the site, only one was a woman. The rest of the “women” the male members were chatting with online were all paid fakes!

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Man beats up woman for not looking like “goddess” he spent thousands of dollars to meet

We’ve seen the magical transformative powers of makeup many times before. All it takes is a few puffs or creams and a flattering camera angle to turn someone into a completely different person. This can all be in good fun when it’s just for some tweets, but when someone in a relationship is pretending to look like a completely different person online, then disaster can strike when they actually meet up.

Unfortunately this is exactly what happened when one man in China spent thousands of dollars to meet the woman he’d found online, only to discover that she didn’t look anything like the “goddess” in the pictures he’d seen.

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