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Hayao Miyazaki has a gripe against Japanese female voice actors

Legendary director ruffles feathers by throwing shade at the anime industry.

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Japanese novelist can’t stand anime’s over-the-top, “kabuki-style” voice acting

Dojinshi writer-turned-engineer-turned-mystery writer isn’t a fan of how anime sounds (or looks, for that matter).

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Anime fans rank the top 10 voice actors who get female fans fired up: Is your fave on the list?

Fans across Japan voted in the Anime Grand Prix 2019 to vindicate their very favorite voice actors. Let’s see who they picked!

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We interview voice actress Shoko Nakagawa, learn what gave her the greatest shock of her career

The prolific voice actress dishes on her experiences dubbing the Japanese-language version of Venom and in the anime voice acting industry.

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Japanese boy band members surprise fans by dressing up as high school girls

It’s hard to believe that these cute young schoolgirls are actually men.

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Do Japanese men like it when real women speak in anime-style voices? Survey investigates

Japan’s anime voice actresses are more popular than ever, but does that style of speaking have the same appeal in actual conversation?

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Director of The Boy and the Beast, Summer Wars explains why he rarely casts anime voice actors

Mamoru Hosoda has made a name for himself as one of the most respected anime directors working today, so why do most of his films lack A-list anime voice actors?

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Legendary voice actress Megumi Hayashibara laments derivative anime, loss of 1990s’ ambition

“Anime that’s trying to be like previous hits can never surpass the originals.”

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Japanese-language voice for League of Legends’ Wukong revealed, sounds kinda familiar…

Who was chosen to voice the Monkey King in the Japanese-language version of League of Legends? His voice sounds oddly familiar…we’re just Saiyan’.

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Singing and dancing lessons, too!? An inside-look at a Tokyo voice acting academy

What kind of training do aspiring voice actors undergo before debuting as pros in Japan? We took a trip to a Tokyo voice acting academy to find out!

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Japanese college has specialized anime song program, scholarships for international students

Even within the world of Japanese pop music, anime songs are their own special breed. Unabashedly sentimental, bombastically energetic, or sometimes both, not just anyone can grab a mike and belt out a performance that will capture the hearts of legions of otaku, which is why one Japanese music college has just announced a brand new course, aiming to provide students with the education and training they need to become anime vocalists.

Oh, and the school also offers a scholarship for international students.

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Speak up! Japanese art-sharing site Pixiv now lets you try your hand at voice acting too

If you’re a budding illustrator, there are a number of artwork-sharing sites on the Internet where you can post your creations for all the world to see. Being based in Japan, it’s no surprise that many of the drawings on website Pixiv reflect Japanese animation art trends, and browsing the site you can find hundreds of gorgeously drawn characters that look like they could be starring in their own series.

But to really complete the anime fantasy, a character needs a voice, right? Thankfully, Pixiv now lets you add voice clips to your illustrations. Not only that, artists can also solicit voice samples from other users, so if you can’t draw to save your life, but have always wanted to dip your toes in the amateur voice acting world, now’s your chance!

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Esteemed voice actor: “1 in 100 voice actors become pros”

Hiroshi Ohtake, an 82-year-old voice actor known for his roles in 1960s anime like Mōretsu Atarō (Nyarome), Pāman (Booby) and Himitsu no Akko-chan (Daisho), won the Achievement Award at the 9th Seiyū Awards on March 7. He used the occasion to speak about the challenges faced by up-and-coming voice actors.

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Legendary anime voice actor Iemasu Kayumi passes away at 80

If you’re into anime – like really into anime – you’re almost certainly watching your favorites in their original Japanese rather than dubbed in English. In which case, we have some sad news for you: Legendary voice actor Iemasu Kayumi, responsible for lending the charm and gravitas to many of the most memorable characters both in anime’s 80s and 90s heyday and in more modern works – has passed away at the age of 80.

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Japanese Avengers Fans Up in Arms Over Shoddy Voice Acting on Blu-ray Release

The dubbed Blu-ray version of recent hollywood smash The Avengers hasn’t even made it into stores yet, but Japanese film fans are already writing it off as junk.

Despite the Japanese releases of previous superhero movies – The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Thor included – being voiced by professional, suitably cast voice actors, the dubbed version of The Avengers in cinemas featured none of the same voices, despite the movie being based around the premise of bringing these much-loved heroes together in one spot.

Movie buffs had hoped that Disney Japan, the company behind the Japanese Blu-ray release, would reinstate the original super heroes’ Japanese counterparts for the home release, but it has become clear that those wishing to enjoy the action movie without subtitles will have to put up with the same subpar voice acting that was shoehorned into the cinema release.

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