Starbucks has…a hamburger option on the menu in Japan?

Surprise find leads to even more surprises.

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23 flavors, five top recommendations for the wide world of Kikkoman soy milk【Taste test】

Because 23 is too many to say “I’ll just drink all of them,” unless you’re us, that is.

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Rice made out of soybeans is coming

Finally, a rice for vegetaria… Hey, wait a minute.

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There’s no reason not to play with your food with this natto in Nanoblock form

All we have to say is that this is one curiously clever fermented soy toy for the win.

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We visit Tokyo’s new all-plant-based cafe “Komeda Is □”

Is the new vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Ginza worth checking out?

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Japanese KitKats now come in edamame milkshake flavour

New Zunda Shake variety perfectly blends chocolate with sweet soybeans. Read More

Lactose-free fun for spring as Starbucks’ apricot honey soy cream lattes and Frappuccinos arrive

We try out Starbucks Japan’s two lactose-free drinks for spring, with their new revised soy milk formula!

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Got a great recipe that requires soy sauce? Enter this competition to win 100,000 yen!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a soy sauce connoisseur or if you enjoy dabbling in Japanese fusion cooking, we’ve found a perfect way for you to earn some easy prize money.

The Japan Soy Sauce Association is currently accepting entries for two special contest categories: Washoku, for Japanese-style recipes and Your Country’s Cuisine, for food that incorporates the use of soy sauce into traditional dishes from your homeland.

With the top prize being 100,000 yen (US$834.87), if you’re a foreigner living in Japan, now’s the time to get that apron on and get cooking!

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Honey, granola and soy — a match made in Starbucks Roppongi!

We’ve all grown to expect seriously enticing beverage offerings from Starbucks by now, haven’t we? Some of them even had customers forming long lines and selling out by noon, like the fresh banana Frappuccinos that they sold for a limited time earlier this year.

Well, according to buzz on the Japanese Internet, it seems Starbucks has done it again with another sweet-sounding Frappuccino, this one combining two already very popular ingredients: granola and honey. But this time, the tempting drink is only available in one area of Tokyo, the Roppongi Hills complex, which meant only one thing — we had to head off to Roppongi and try their new creation ourselves!

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