Japan’s Department of Magic releases new “Magic School” uniform

Mix-and-match pieces are the cosplay/street fashion crossover witches have been waiting for. 

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Grab your broomstick and enroll in Little Witch Academia with this new game

Take to the skies with Akko and her friends in this new virtual reality game!

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Department of Magic opens in Japan with cosplay and accessories for wizards and witches

A one-stop shop for magical girls who have all grown-up. 

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Japan’s love-granting witchcraft apples on sale again just in time for Halloween

Limited quantities, premium pricing, and purportedly magical results.

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Housewife wins pageant for “bewitching” middle-aged beauties

Usually being called a witch is an insult, but a Japanese beauty magazine reclaimed the word a few years ago and declared a new category of woman: “Beautiful Witches.” To celebrate the women over 35 that possess an almost “magical beauty untouched by age,” the fourth annual National Beautiful Witch Contest was held last week, with a 39-year-old housewife from Aichi Prefecture taking home the top prize in a Halloween-themed pageant.

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Little Witch Academia: the New Anime Taking the World by Storm 【Video】

Meet Little Witch Academia, the newest anime to pick up fans at lightning speed, both abroad and in Japan. Released on the Internet only a few days ago, on Friday, April 19, this 26-minute gem has already stacked up thousands of views and received an enormous amount of praise, particularly from fans outside Japan. The storyline is captivating (it’s about the school-life of a group of young witches-“magic girls”-studying at the Little Witch Academy), and the characters are so likeable that fans are already calling out for merchandise.

We’re predicting big things for the animation studio behind this work, so get on board before all the cool kids do and check out the entire clip, complete with English subtitles, after the jump.

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