A one-stop shop for magical girls who have all grown-up. 

Japanese online retailer Felissimo has made a name for itself over the years as the place to go when you want to add some cute animal flair to your decor, beauty routine, or wardrobe.

Now, the popular retailer is looking to fulfil everyone’s magical needs as well, with the opening of a new “Department of Magic” that comes filled with all sorts of intriguing items, covering everything from clothes to teas and prepaid transport card holders.

▼ 魔法部 (“Mahoubu“) translates to “Department of Magic”

According to Felissimo, the new department aims to help customers “create a magical world”, especially on days when they’re feeling stressed out at work or bored with the monotony of everyday life.

The debut collection — dubbed “Chapter One”, like the opening to a mystical book of spells — features a wide range of items that carry magical motifs to help add a special spark to normality and conjure up images of a fantastical world.

▼ First up in the collection is the Magical Colour Tea Party From the Laboratory (1,600 yen [US$14.86])

The teas come in three varieties, with a magical recipe booklet that shows how to change the colour of the teas from light blue to pink, or from blue to purple or green to red. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the colour-changing tea leaves on the market, the way it’s packaged here makes it feel as if a spell is being conducted every time you enjoy a cup of tea.

Next up in the range is a collection of gorgeous clothing, which is said to add an air of mature elegance to the magical girl theme.

The range has been designed in conjunction with fouatons, an illustrator and designer who’s become hugely popular on social media.

The Magical Girl who Wants to Become a Lady Buttoned One Piece features lace details around the neck and waist and retails for 9,900 yen.

The second fouatons design is packed with romantic details designed to help you “take bold steps forward” in everyday life.

The Magical Girl Takes a Step Forward Embroidered Blouse (5,900 yen) comes with stars on the back to give you courage. The glossy black fabric, the tailored puffy sleeves, and the delicate lace around the neck “enhance cuteness” while the embroidered star motif on the back is said to contain “a spell that pushes you on back when courage is needed“.

The beautiful top can be worn together with the Starry Skies Appear From Your Hem As You Walk Fishtail Skirt (6,900 yen).

As the name suggests, this skirt allows you to imagine yourself trailing a constellation of stars with every step you take towards your magical destiny. 

Completing the look is the Magical Girl Takes a Step Forward Night Sky Drawstring Bag (3,500 yen), which lets you hold the night sky in your hands and capture all your precious items within it.

Some of those precious items that need further protection can be secured in the Summoning Circle to Protect Precious Items Gadget Pouch (2,700 yen).

And when it comes to magical makeup transformations, there’s the Magical Book of Splendid Makeup Repairs Cosmetics Pouch (2,600 yen).

Last, but definitely not least, is the Burning Light Amulet Pass Case (2,800 yen), which protects your prepaid transport cards as you set out on your magical journeys.

▼ The case is available in Pink Topaz or Lapis Lazuli.

The pass case emits light when held over a card reader, so you can feel as if you’re entering a magical world each time you go through a ticket gate.

Felissimo’s Department of Magic, which can be accessed here, opened to the public on 20 May. Given the popularity of grimoire goods in Japan, we can’t wait to see what lies in store for us when we reach Chapter Two of the collection!

Source, images: PR Times
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