We take up the challenge to create the tallest, sweetest Mos burger we’ve ever seen.

Out of all the nationwide fast food chains in Japan, locally operated Mos Burger is one of the most beloved, ranking in at second place in popularity, just after Mickey Dees. The demand for Mos Burger is so high it’s even been featured in limited-edition tie-ups with rice cracker brand Bakauke and peanut-and-cracker snack Kaki no Tane.

Now, it’s time for the fast food chain to rock the sweets world with a new product called Stackable Mos Gummies, created in collaboration with UHA Mikakuto, who specialise in making “attractive, pleasant, stimulating and novel” candies.

While these might look similar to the burger gummies sold by foreign brand Trolli, the Stackable Mos Gummies have been designed with Mos Burger in mind…although they stop short at actually tasting like the ingredients they’re meant to resemble.

▼ The front of the pack lists the gummies inside as: Buns? Tomato? Lettuce? Patty?

Each pack contains a mixture of these four different gummies, with the flavours being: orange for the buns, strawberry for the tomato, cola for the patty, and muscat for the lettuce.

This is one of those rare times when playing with your food is not only permitted but encouraged, and the back of the pack has a few tips and ideas for sweet burger construction.

On the left is a replica of the standard Mos Burger and on the right is a version of the limited-time Natsumi Burger with lettuce leaves for buns. In the middle is a tower of patties, tomatoes and lettuce that reminded us of the time we created a 35-patty burger in real-life, so we opted to recreate this one, straight after paying homage to the regular Mos Burger.

Stacking the ingredients on top of each other was strangely satisfying, and to our surprise it was quite a solid construction.

The attention to detail on these is really fantastic, as the even shapes line up nicely to create neat layers and the thickly sliced tomato that Mos Burger is known for looks like the real deal.

▼ Mos Burger complete!

We started on the tower burger next, and immediately longed for a gummi that looked like cheese for extra flavour and colour.

Our burger ended up consisting mostly of tomatoes and meat, but it was a true beauty reminiscent of our crazy food challenges from the days of yore. Sadly, the twelve-piece burger sweet toppled before we got a chance to bite into it.

Still, stacking the ingredients together turned out to be a relaxing activity that lowered our stress levels like an edible stress toy. And when we did manage to get a bite of our more modest tower burger, it was gummy, sweet and deliciously fruity, with the odd dissonance between looks and taste adding to the fun of the unusual Mos Burger treat.

The new limited-edition gummies went on sale at 7-Eleven stores nationwide from 8 August, where they retail for 384 yen (US$3.62). From 20 August they’ll be available at Mos Burger branches around the country for 380 yen.

There are two package designs to choose from, with one featuring the standard Mos Burger and the other showcasing the Tobikiri Tomato and Lettuce Burger. It’s a fun way to celebrate your love for the major Japanese fast food chain, and should be particularly tasty after a visit to the upscale Mos Burger branch in Shibuya, where you’ll find wine, gourmet meals, and a burger made from a whole tomato on the menu!

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