At the entrance to Sunshine Street, overlooking one of the busiest intersections in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro shopping district, sits an innocent-looking LOTTERIA restaurant. The burger chain boasts most of your standard fast food fare: cheeseburgers, fries, desserts, and soft drinks. However, they recently hired a blood-curdling new worker at their store.

In preparation for Sadako 3D2, the sequel to last year’s horror hit based off of the cult-classic movie, Ringu (known as The Ring in the West), Sadako emerged from the TV and earned a place as honorary manager of the burger joint!

The limited-time dessert, Sadako’s Chilling Shake, went on sale August 9, the same day that the evil spirit made her appearance behind the LOTTERIA cash registers. The treat consists of a ramune soda slushie with chocolate syrup and a pure black straw, meant to be reminiscent of Sadako’s signature hairstyle. As a special promotion, from August 8 to mid-September, the shakes are half-off!

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE“Eek! No, really! Keep the change!!”

News crews gathered at a special event as the vengeful ghost thrust summer-time specials at hungry customers looking to get out of the heat. Patrons might have gotten more than they bargained for that day, but the free beverage and handshake from one of Japan’s most well-known horror icons was probably worth the scare.

When she finished handing out the shakes, Sadako went back to her manager responsibilities around the store. Decked out in a real LOTTERIA worker’s cap, she continued her ad-libbed performance while the theme song for her movie, “SCREAM,” from South Korea pop group, TVXQ, played over the speakers. After having clung to the large glass windows at the front of the store and giving all the passersby a real fright, the ghoul carefully wiped down the front of the store before clocking out for the day.

sadako_02▲ Did somebody order delivery?

Sadako has a few more cool-down publicity stunts planned in cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Environment, aimed at getting people through the baking hot summer and to bring awareness of global warming to the population. What better way to beat the heat than with bone-chilling fear?

Source: MyNavi News
Inset image: ONTD!