The Thailand office of American doughnut chain, Dunkin’ Donuts, has been unrolling a unique line of doughnuts since August of this year. All of these 27 doughnuts have one thing in common: They’re black as midnight. 

But that’s just the tip of this ebony iceberg. We’ve seen black food hit the scene before but these doughnuts took a year in the making as Dunkin’ Donuts carefully selected what they thought were the best combination of ingredients. What they came up with is interesting to say the least. Some flavors will make you drool, some will make you cringe, but they’ll all make you interested.

Although people usually expect squid ink when it comes to black food, these black doughnuts were created in a similar way to Burger King Japan’s Kuro Burger from last year. The doughnut dough is blended with an edible charcoal made from baked bark and bamboo imported from Europe.

The blackness of the food promoted by their mascot, the cute jet-black Charcoal Bear, is simply the hook to a deeper menu of taste sensations. Here’s a few of them.

Charcoal Choco Chili
This black doughnut is topped with a chocolate that’s been infused with a spicy chili zing.

Charcoal BBQ Ring
Of course you can’t have charcoal without some BBQ sauce. This doughnut’s got some slathered on top.

Charcoal Jalapeno
We’re not through with the spicy doughnuts yet. This one has a chocolate coating that has pickled jalapeno peppers straight from Mexico mixed in.

Charcoal Blue Mint
To help you cool down from the others, this one has a refreshing mint cream filling. Although we’re getting to more normal doughnuts, that filling looks an awful lot like toothpaste.

Charcoal French Praline
Some more traditional fare, this black doughnut is topped with some ground roasted almonds and caramelized sugar.

Charcoal Banoffee
This ebony snack is graced with the great taste of bananas and toffee.

If you even find Banoffee too exotic for your tastes, there are some more down-to-earth flavors too, like Charcoal Donut Strawberry. They all start from 27 baht (US$0.85). According to the Dunkin’ Donuts marketing director in Thailand, “Since these new doughnuts launched, sales have been strong. I’m expecting sales to rise 15 to 20 percent in the next year. Our US office is watching with a lot of interest.” If all goes well for Dunkin’ Donuts in Thailand you may see some black doughnuts with BBQ sauce in your corner of the world soon!

Source: Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand – Facebook (Thai), Bangkok Keizai (Japanese)

I just love his sparkling charcoal blue mint eyes.