It’s about time cats did something for us. We’ve pampered them on the Internet and in convenience stores for years, and all they ever did in return was learn how to poop in the litter box.

Cats are finally giving back now with these cute but somewhat disturbing smartphone stands that depict various cat breeds heroically holding up your smartphone so it won’t topple over.


The adorable cat figures are available to buy from gachapon – those coin-operated capsule toy dispensers commonly found near video arcades and outside toy stores.

These particular capsule machines will be adorned with playful promotional images, with pictures of the various cat stands with captions such as, “I’ve got this. Now, just go. Live a happy life for me.”


Well-known Japanese toy stores Yamashiroya (in Tokyo) and Kiddyland (in Osaka) are also holding a contest to see which store can sell more of the feline martyrs. While Tokyo has an obvious population advantage, we’re going to put our money on perennial plucky underdog, Osaka, based solely on our observations that Osaka seems more cat-obsessed.

Some Japanese Internet forums have expressed some alarm that the cats seem to be dead due to the fairly crude artwork, but let’s give the manufacturer a break: at just 200 yen (US$2) a piece, these novel smartphone stands are a steal.


Source: IT Media
Photos: Facebook