Despite all the delays, fans eagerly awaiting the new Sailor Moon anime this year have reason to celebrate again! Following up last month’s initial announcement, we are pleased to report that even more staff information has been officially released. This time around, we have confirmation of the names behind the Chief Animation Director, Art Directors, and Composer.

The new anime, which is part of a 20th anniversary celebration of Naoko Takeuchi’s classic Sailor Moon manga and anime, will be broadcast simultaneously around the world starting in July via Niconico Douga, a Japanese video sharing site. The original manga and anime both debuted in 1992 and concluded way back in 1997, so it’s about time that this new adaptation gets on the air!

As previously confirmed last month, Toei Animation will be overseeing the new animation. Yuuji Kobayashi is in charge of scripts and Munehisa Sakai will serve as the Director. Popular girl idol group Momoiro Clover Z of King Records, who have sung for other anime titles in the past, will provide the theme song. And now we can add more names to the list!

Character designs will be by Yukie Sako, who has served as Chief Animation Director for hits such as Majestic Prince, Nyan Koi!, and an episode of Code Geass. Takashi Kurahashi and Yumi Hosaka, known for their work in Mononoke (the TV series; not the Ghibli movie), will be collaborating together again as Art Directors for the series. Finally, Yasuharu Takanashi of Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail fame will join the ranks as composer.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling “punished in the name of the moon” from all the waiting, why not add some Sailor Moon toys, pens, chopsticks, compact mirrors, or even lingerie to your collection?

▼ Tsukino Usagi approves of your spending on her franchise!


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