mari dog 1

They say dogs are a man’s best friend. Loyal, obedient and loving, dogs provide everlasting friendship no matter what sticky situations you find yourself in. But they also say that smothering anything with too much affection can cause it to want to break free from you. We’ve seen the effects produce comedy gold when Mari, the adorable Shiba-Inu has just gotten one too many kisses from her adoring master. And enough is enough! A compilation video of Mari rejecting her owner has surfaced on YouTube and it has all been subtitled for us in English.

Shiba-Inu seem to have the perfect deadpan face. Mari in particular has learned to channel that wonderful expression to create some pretty hilarious situations.

Since the last time we saw Mari, she has learned a whole bunch of new tricks and many more ways for her to foil her master’s loving advances. It’s a good thing Shiba-Inu don’t look like they are smiling, because some of these would even make a dog laugh!

Our three favorite sketches are definitely the foot rejection,

mari dog 1

the crutches shove,

mari dog 2

and the swimming line.

mari dog 3

All joking aside, it seems like Mari and his owner have a really warm relationship. They have plenty of other videos where Mari displays her talents for pushing on things. Major props to Mari’s owner for coming up with brand new ways to use her tricks in each video. If you’ve got some time, let “the meanest dog in Japan” entertain you with her and her owner’s short skits!

Source: YouTube 
Screenshots: YouTube