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Not too long ago, we took a look at an anime girl figurine with its butt lovingly crafted out of soft, pliable silicon. Clearly, this is a sign of the hyper-sexualized nature of certain Japanese animated series, and the depressingly horny psyche of many male otaku.

Except, the fact of the matter is that everyone loves butts. As proof, feast your eyes on these pervy mouse pads for female anime fans.

Specifically, these mouse pads are designed for fujoshi, the subset of female anime fans who enjoy seeing male characters in sexual relationships with each other, regardless of whether or not they’re depicted as gay within the anime itself. One of the more popular franchises among fujoshi these days is superhero series Tiger & Bunny, whose production staff has become quite adept at never showing protagonists Kotetsu and Barnaby explicitly expressing romantic feelings or physical attraction for one another yet still providing just enough innuendo to stoke fangirls’ imaginations about what could be happening off-camera.

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Makers of fujoshi-targeted merchandise, on the other hand, feel no such need to toe the line, as shown with this mouse pad that depicts Barnaby fully clothed yet clearly presenting his hindquarters.

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The blond-haired crime fighter’s pronounced butt cheeks aren’t just there for added visual appeal, though. Ostensibly, they should also function as a wrist rest, similar to the busty chests of female anime characters on mouse pads for male fans.

Plus, it seems some buyers just like to squeeze and/or poke them.

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Fujoshi aren’t the only anime enthusiasts who can appreciate a bootylicious mouse pad, though. There’s also some innovative perspective work in these offerings for dudes featuring characters from Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai/I Have Few Friends.

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▼ No, the series isn’t subtitled But I Do Have a Shapely Behind.

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Okay fujoshi, the ball’s in your court. Can you top that level of perviness?

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We’re…not exactly sure what’s going on in this illustration. The pose Tiger and Bunny’s Kotetsu is in, with his legs stretched above his head, sort of makes it look like that’s his butt sticking out, and he is saying, “Barnaby, I told you to stop touching my butt all the time…”

On the other hand, if that is indeed his butt, there seems to be a maw of sharp, interlocking teeth constituting his crack.

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We’re not butt crack experts, but that doesn’t seem normal to us. Maybe it’s supposed to be a zipper, which would make those protrusions Kotetsu’s balls…and the character himself oddly jointed and rather flexible.

All right, let’s give anime merchandise for guys one last look. Show us your stuff.

▼ Stuff, in this case, meaning “feet.”

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It just goes to show what an economic force anime merchandising has become when someone concludes there’s money to be made in making mouse pads not only for fans with a soft spot for a particular character, but who also happen to have a foot fetish.

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