Village Vanguard is at it again, with more unique fashion items you never knew you needed!

From beefy backpacks to waterproof over-knee socks, Village Vanguard is the place to go for one-of-a-kind goods and crazy accessories. Now, they have teamed up with Harajuku-style fashion brand ACDC RAG to bring you these funky, stylish “kimono jackets”, available on Village Vanguard’s online shop. There are six different styles to choose from, and since they’re made from a soft, lightweight fabric, these jackets can be worn comfortably in the summertime too!

▼ Space Cat


It’s a cat. In space. What more could you want?

▼ Cake


In baby pinks and blues, everything about this design is super sweet.

▼ Ukiyo-e


If you’re looking for something a little more traditional (emphasis on “a little”), you can opt for the ukiyo-e woodblock-style design.

▼ Harajuku Pop


Just when you thought this style couldn’t get any more Harajuku…

▼ Panda


Black-and-white is always a good look.

▼ Sky Cats


Not as far out there as space cat, but still pretty out there.

One of these kimono jackets will set you back 4,212 yen (US$38.42), and any design you pick is sure to up your Harajuku-style level! However, it doesn’t look like Village Vanguard will ship overseas, so if you’re trying to up your Harajuku-style level outside of Japan, you’ll either need a really helpful friend or a reshipping service.

But it’s worth it for the sky cats, right?

Update: You may not be able to order from Village Vanguard if you live overseas, but you can order directly from ACDC RAG! You can find the kimono jackets here: Harajuku Pop, Cake, Sky Cats, Pandas, Space Cat, and Ukiyo-e.

Source and images: Village Vanguard Online Store via Kai-You 
Top image edited by RocketNews24