Tokyo’s Yomiuri Giants baseball players crossdress in beauty contest for fans

Not competing for batting averages or home runs, but likes on Instagram.

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Japanese synchronised swimmer performs routine in the pool…with blue armpits【Video】

The Olympian’s bright blue underarms makes it hard to concentrate on her stunning performance.

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Cute cats from Japan show their love for competitors at the Olympic games

If you’re an athlete who runs from side to side or jumps up and down, these cute cats will love you, regardless of where you’re from!

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If you were ever an athlete growing up, this video is going to bring you a swelling of emotions

Athletes who compete in amateur sports have one of the most difficult tasks. To compete on the world level, these athletes have to train their butts off and since they aren’t paid to compete, have to hold down a job as well. What they are able to accomplish when facing severely stacked odds is pretty spectacular.

With the conclusion of the 2014 Asia Games, Japan has once again had the chance to cheer on their storied athletes. It’s important to see these sportsmen in high level competitions because they inspire an entire generation of young athletes to continue to do what they love. A commercial airing during the television broadcasts for the Asia Games is also showing the incredible hearts of these great athletes. Find out who is giving back and what their special message is after the jump.

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