Why pop your collar when you can put a cat on it instead?

We’ve seen some pretty crazy Japanese fashion items recently – fake food headbands or backpack cat carriers anyone? But one item that’s gaining popularity online is a more refined sort of eccentric style: the cat collar.

▼ For when you need something that says
“I’m a sophisticated cat lady.”


Now you can get that warm fuzzy feeling of having a cat wrapped around your neck… without actually having to wrap a cat around your neck!

These cat collars are part of a full blouse sold by moozoo on STORENVY. They come in a range of sizes from small to extra-extra-extra-large and cost from US$19 to $30.

▼ Not only a sophisticated cat lady, but a frugal one as well!
Leaves plenty of money to feed the seventeen cats at home.


Best of all, there’s a whole world of cat-themed clothes and accessories to coordinate with the cat collar blouse. There’s the cat pullover for cold weather, cat hoodie for when you have to fight your feline instincts and actually go outside, cat tail for letting people know what you think of them, and of course, cat underwear for lounging around at home with the cats.

Phew. All this feline fashion had made us sleepy. Is it time for a catnap yet?

Source, images: STORENVY/moozoo
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