Goku taught me everything I know… including how to fire a kamehameha wave.

The Dragon Ball series has always been popular, but with the release of the new series Dragon Ball Super, it has been enjoying something of a renaissance. Just as new fans are being created, old fans are coming back to the franchise to see what their Saiyan friends have been up to these past decades.

Considering Dragon Ball was first released back in 1985, its young fans back then are now in their late thirties and early forties, and many of them are now being reminded of what Dragon Ball taught them as children that made them into the adults they are today thanks to advertisements in JR East subways. (Translations below)

“JR East made these posters and I think they are awesome.”

(Left poster)
A man’s honor,
A husband’s resolution,
A father’s strength,
Dragon Ball taught me these.

(Right poster)
Dragon Ball taught me these

(Poster bottom)
January 2017, from JR East, to the boy inside the passionate middle-aged adult.

I’m… I’m not crying! You’re crying! F-fine, let’s just shed our manly Saiyan tears together then.

It’s unclear whether the posters are advertising something Dragon Ball-related, or if they’re just supposed to get all the salarymen hyped up. Either way they’ve probably done both, as I can imagine a lot of commuters suddenly got an excited urge to go buy some Dragon Ball manga after seeing those posters.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted:

“That’s so cool.”
“Everything I needed in life I learned from Dragon Ball.”
“We need these in JR West too.”
“Wait a minute, wasn’t Goku unemployed?”

Hey! Just because Goku didn’t have a nine-to-five doesn’t mean he didn’t help save the world. Sometimes the enemies you have to fight are electric bills and rent payments, and sometimes they’re aliens bent on world domination. It’s not Goku’s fault he was better suited to fight the latter.

Although we do have to say that there is one thing Goku never taught us: how to kiss girls.

Source: Twitter/@siokara_kamemak via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@siokara_kamemak